SBS. Vindicated after ten years.


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It is rather worrying that the whole operation was based on a best guess, unquestioned.

One cannot help but wonder why no-one was prosecuted for releasing classified operational information to the press at the time - albeit factually incorrect with regard the sequence of events. It seems that the SAS act with consensual immunity when it comes to bragging to the press and releasing classified information in the rather childish quest to proclaim themselves demi-gods who are beyond reproach.


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The British media initially picked-up the story from the Iraq media.

Then certain members from Hereford were only too quick to jump in, claiming that the SBS were cowards and lacked the skills to operate inland as all they knew were purely amphibious such as paddling canoes!

I would point out that those few members of the SAS that came out with this were those that tended to carry the weight of large ‘chips’ on both shoulders. Nor did they seem to regard the disclosure of any information to the press as being a breach of basic security.

They conveniently overlooked that members of the SAS were themselves attached to the SBS on this operation! Also missing the point that all Royal Marine members of the SBS had initially been trained as Infantry prior to the Commando course. Not to mention generally having seen service in a Commando unit. Whilst Infantry training/experience was something that tended missing from those joining the SAS from none Infantry units.

These days at times you may read that UKSF have been involved in’ XYZ’. But that does not stop the flow of the next ‘must read’ from those wishing to claim a background in the SAS. I seem to remember one being along the lines of ‘I was a Wife of an SAS man’!!

There are many within UKSF who deplore such actions. But as long as the media see such ‘revelations’ as increasing their sales then you will no doubt see more in the future.
Members of the military can divide fact from fiction.

The average civilian with little military knowledge other than that gained from X-Box knows no better!

Whilst I have no doubt there is a story to be told, given that Damien Lewis has published several pro-SBS books (generally under the guise of 'setting the story straight'), I would also approach his accounts with a tiny, weeny, pinch of salt.
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