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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by DannyW, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Firstly, apologies if there is a more appropriate section for the thread.

    Okay, I was pretty sure I read somewhere that maximum SBS serving time is 2-3 years, and then you get RTB'd? Now, whilst the idea is pretty good for leaders, and means they can recall SF-level soldiers at short notice, it seems pretty annoying that one would have to pass selection, only to be sent back a couple of years later.

    If so, does this rule apply to the SAS, as I haven't heard about it, and does it differ for officers?

    I understand this thread will no doubt attract a plethora of walts or those who get aroused easily by camo, and that if there is anybody on RR who was ex-SF, they probably keep it quiet, so a quiet PM would be perfect!
  2. Deano?
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    There is no specified maximum time limit with regard Swimmer Canoeists within the SBS however applicants from the RM must have 2 years service as a Commando, be under 32 at the start of selection, & have a minimum of 3 years left to serve. Officers do tend to complete 2-3 year "tours", with the potential to return at a later point, but promotion tends to limit the active service element. Those wanting to be gun-toting embassy gate-crashers should join as Other Ranks.

    There are 6 SFBCs held per year either at Poole or Hereford.

    Other trades within the Corps with a stated Return of Service are as follows:

    RN/RM Aircrew – Initial Search and Rescue (SAR Training) 36 months
    RN/RM Aircrew – Qualified Aircrew Instructor’s Course 24
    RM AE Carpenter 24
    RM Armourer 3rd Class 24
    RM Artificer (Vehicle) 42
    RM Artificer Technician/Artificer Telecommunications 42
    RM Bandmaster 36
    RM Colour Sergeant Information Systems 24
    RM Communications Technician 36
    RM Illustrator 3rd Class 24
    RM Metalsmith 3rd Class 24
    RM Military Police 2nd Class 30
    RM Mountain Leader 1st and 2nd Class 30
    RM Sergeant Information Systems 24
    RM Telecommunications Technician 1st and 2nd Class 36
    RM Vehicle Mechanic 1st and 3rd Class 36
    RM Yeoman of Signals 36

    Can't tell you any more, etc., etc. :wink:
  4. That, is just mean.

    Thanks Ninja, once again, you're knowledge is somewhat biblical.
    And to elaborate, 'Those wanting to be gun-toting embassy gate-crashers', probably shouldn't join at all?

    Or should be encouraged to attempt, and then we can place bets on which RV they crash out on during Long Drag/ Fan Dance etc. :lol:
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  6. I've not even heard of it, do expand?!
  7. Don't worry mate, I've read it in an Andy mcnab book.
  8. Seadog

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    Danny wrote of those undergoing selection
    So Danny, selection, was it tough for you? :roll:

    Earlier he wrote
    Would that be you Danny? Put it away lad.
  9. Worked down at Poole in the mid 90's for a while (No, I'm not SF and never have been), and unless things have changed, only the officers were obliged to return to a commando unit with a view to returning to SB at a later point in their careers. Same went for SA too, however enlisted ranks were able to stay long-term as long as they wanted or the SB wanted them.

    Hope this helps!
  10. AKA endurance. I'll get Steve and Colin to give you a bell and share some tips with you mate!! :roll:
  11. Ha ha steve a bit busy at the mo but I saw Colin in the north east the other day. There still not talking.
  12. Yeah I bet they must be really busy counting all of that blood money whilst writing yet more crap novels!! :roll:
  13. Cheers Hookyh
  14. Blackrat

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    It's the same with the SAS. Officers do a tour of three years and can get invited back to do another tour later on. I believe this is still the case. The toms can stay in as long as they like providing they don't cock up or graffiti on the boat house.
  15. Is the only reason behind this so that they have highly-trained soldiers to call upon when needed?
  16. Seadog

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    Danny boy, I thought you'd know the answer to that..........

    We have a cadets' forum somewhere lad; find it.
  17. The second time that you've been awful helpful and proven that moderators are fair, un-prejudiced people.

    Please go prod somebody else to provoke the confrontation and attention you so desperately crave...

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    If somebody could explain the angst towards curious minds right about now, that would be wonderful.

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