I have some questions about the SBS(r). I contacted the recruiting email but am yet to hear back. Any input would be much appreciated. From what I've seen by searching, @Ninja_Stoker seems to have some knowledge in the area.

1. I understand the age limit is 32 (34 with military experience). For the SBS(r) I understood you must come from another reserve unit, so wouldn't the limit be 34 for everyone? Or does 34 only apply to those who have prior regular military experience?

2. From what I have seen, after the briefing course and selection, continuation is done alongside regulars for everything except jungle phase. Is this true? If so, this must take months of uninterrupted commitment. I'm guessing it is impossible to be a student or hold down any kind of job during this period. Is that correct? How long is this course?

Many thanks all
Just seen this on the army site. Does this apply for SBS(r) also?

UKSF(R) accept male volunteers who have no previous military service aged 18 to 32 or male volunteers who have had previous military service with any part of the Regular or Reserve Armed Forces (RN, RM, Army, and RAF) up to the age of 34.