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I believe I've overheard this one during a Cock 'n' Arse:

"I say - where's the bottle opener?"

"It must be his day aawwf!"



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I did once hear a USN Officer say, during a particularly heavy rainstorm
' Its pissing like a double cvnted cow on a flat bed rock!' He also came out with ' Damn, I need a cup of coffee like General Custer needed an air strike!'

Strange chap, had a bit of the redneck about him. He would have hated Top Gear's trip to the Deep South.
Hands to dinner. Men under punishment & stoppage of leave. Fingers to dinner.

I was in Bagdhad when you were in your dads bags.

I didn't know Nelson but his old man was [email protected]

When I joined we didn't have official numbers, we all knew each other. (navy seems to be rapidly approaching this situation now).

When he joined Pontious Pilot was only a naval airman
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