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I believe I've overheard this one during a Cock 'n' Arse:

"I say - where's the bottle opener?"

"It must be his day aawwf!"



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I did once hear a USN Officer say, during a particularly heavy rainstorm
' Its pissing like a double cvnted cow on a flat bed rock!' He also came out with ' Damn, I need a cup of coffee like General Custer needed an air strike!'

Strange chap, had a bit of the redneck about him. He would have hated Top Gear's trip to the Deep South.
In the bedroom my wife often looks down at my tackle and asks "who do you think you are going to satisfy with that?"

My answer "Er, me actually!"


War Hero
Hands to dinner. Men under punishment & stoppage of leave. Fingers to dinner.

I was in Bagdhad when you were in your dads bags.

I didn't know Nelson but his old man was [email protected]

When I joined we didn't have official numbers, we all knew each other. (navy seems to be rapidly approaching this situation now).

When he joined Pontious Pilot was only a naval airman
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