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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by SONAR-BENDER, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. Well, in the last few days we have had 'preferred biscuit for dunking' and a thread rob that went from 'can I take my laptop on a boat' and ended up talking about snacks.

    I happened to mention my penchant for Lidl's Wasabi Crackers - perfect with a litle snifter of G&T as the sun goes down. Incidently, they are not perfect with a Southern Comfort and lemonade at all - they do not complement each other!

    Point of this post? BIG NEWS! This week in Lidl is 'Asia Week' and they have Wasabi Crackers and also Wasabi Crisps (not so nice IMHO) in stock NOW. They are 79c a packet here so say 50p ish in the UK.

    Other savoury snacks are available.

    Other vendors of savoury snacks are available.

    I have no connection to Lidl other than as a satisfied customer - well of the cheap gin and Wasabi Crackers at least!

    G&T and Wasabi Cracker time I feel........ :blob6:
  2. savouries.jpg

  3. Hmm ... seems our Lidl's is on Mexican week! ... No Wasabi Crackers ... which is good news as far as I am concerned as the only good thing to go with a G&T is ... another G&T ... or perhaps a few olives / tapa's! You're in Espania FFS ... go native!

    Had a nasty expeience with Wasabi ... the Missis thought they looked nice ... funnily enough even the dog wouldn't eat em!

  4. Absolutely agree! My summer G&T glass is actually a (anchor faced twat!) glass pint pot from the Submarine Museum engraved with Dolphins on! Saves me getting up to refill every 2 or 3 minutes! As for olives - love 'em. Try the Jalpeno stuffed ones.......
  5. Pretzels.

    Either the proper type, which you buy in German bakeries - made from bread, coated with huge grains of salt - delicious with a beer - or the little crisp type ones which come in a bag.
  6. H&B do a range of Wasabi p-nuts, I love hot curry but H&B must have got the mix wrong as dem nuts make your eyes water and nose run like a tap.

  7. But Sol, do you dunk them in your pink gin???
  8. Hasn't boy George made these little items a tad pricier...........for a pensioner with frozen allowances it's a snack too far, but don't tell Finx ! :hungry:
  9. Carrs cheese melts. Yum Yum!
  10. Only if you buy then at anything other than "ambient temperature" ... you've got to heat 'em up yourself or Georgie Porgie slaps 20% VAt on them! Money Grabbing git!
  11. Ginsters pasties, ideal fare to give to people you don't like!
  12. I wonder if jeri has any favourite snacks...
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2012
  14. Any one tried Morrison's "Tin Miners" pasties??? Meat at one end and Apple at the other!

    Other Supermacardo's & pasties are available!
  15. Just seen Wasabi peanuts in Lidl too! Will not be trying them as I do not like peanuts, unless they are turned into pork or chicken sate!
  16. A CEM on Swiftsure worked maintainance there when he went out side, had the worst erupting acne
    in ten Navies, imagine them erupting over the baking equipment:pukeright:
  17. Topstop, his surname wasn't the same as a certain Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus was it?, if so he was on Sovereign with me. Had to change his 8's shirt every day due to eruptions.
  18. I remember him well, no it wasnt. RM left in the 70s Father was still in late 80s? both had a similar complexion.

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