Saving the Ark

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Joe_Crow, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Okay, so the old Ark Royal is getting binned, but on a brighter note, the extra A-boat is still looking likely, and she is yet to be named. Surely, as we tend to name the RN's most capable units after the old capital ships of yore, the Warship Naming Committee must give serious consideration to naming SSNXXV HMS/m Ark Royal.
  2. Now that I'd love to see. Can you imagine the size of the WAFU outrage bus :D
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Poll added. Good call
  4. Maybe they would do something decisive and protest the naming.............chain themselves around theFin maybe. Seriously though, might be a good suggestion there Joe, after all Ark Royal is a name often connected to First Time events in the Navy's history. First submarine named Ark Royal would be a nice addition to the record.

    Shame to see the name go unused for too long as my family were involved in the construction of the previous 2 Arks (91 and R09) and my Grandfather has photos of both launchings somewhere I think.
  5. Heard they havent got a big enough bus so they are borrowing the Queen Mary 2 and calling it the Outrage Cruise
  6. Fin, you cnut
  7. An interesting idea but given that 4 of the 5 Arks have been carriers I'd have thought it would be unlikely.

    Perhaps it could be ressurected for the next batch of SSBNs. Rather than a specific letter they could be named after capital ships.
  8. original post is edited to change the very septic term and K640, I'm pretty sure the Ark from the 1500s was a 'carrier' in that it had rats :p
  9. You appear to be arguing with yourself.
  10. Beat me to it there!
  11. Oops perhaps I wasn't entirely clear.

    What I meant was that as previous Arks have been capital ships they wouldn't give the name to an SSN but they might give the name to an SSBN, which are classed as capital ships (I think).

    Edited for crap English
  12. Good idea - name A7(as yet un-named I believe) or A8? Ark Royal. While we're at it tow the current Ark to Faslane and use as an overflow accommodation/ harbour training vessel (could always paint it black!) - simples :D
  13. So name one of the new SSN's Ark Royal, use the old Ark as an accommodation hulk, and in one fell blow piss all over the WAFU's parade? Maybe this calls for a seperate poll for this motion :p

    I think calling one of the Astutes 'Ark Royal' is a great idea
  14. The WAFU's will only try to land a parafin pigeon on it.

    Queue forming party anyone ?
  15. Be nice to see a return to service for the name 'Hood' but then that would only be suitable for a good looking, iconic vessal that would be the epitomy of British Naval supremacy........... so maybe that will never happen
  16. :lol:

    Perhaps Royal Oak could make a return too.
  17. Im getting a sinking feeling now.

    Plenty of Iconic names available for SSN's though in future. Dreadnought, Warspite and Conqueror to name but a few. However such heroic, warlike names maybe are too much for the Govt :p
  18. I think HMS Economical, HMS Poundstretcher and HMS Bargain Basement are earmarked for the future.
  19. HMS Handouts and HMS Liam Fox Busks on the Street to Afford this One

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