Save the last surviving warship from the Falklands Conflict


HMS Plymouth is the last surviving warship from the Falklands Conflict in 1982 and she is currently under threat of being scrapped. Various schemes to save her have come to nothing, mainly down to berthing restrictions or unsuitable arrangements. HMS Plymouth should be preserved for the nation as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the conflict, particularly the Royal Navy. In the year that commemorates the 30th anniversary of this event this ship should not be allowed to become razor blades. Please sign this petition and help to save this ship.


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The difficulty with saving any ship is justifying the running costs.
Though important that the surrender was signed on her, does that justify the enormous costs of retaining her?
In my opinion the costs are far too high, perhaps if everyone signing the petition donated £1000 towards these costs it would be considered, are you willing to do that?


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Doesn't get my vote unless we have a warship saved from every conflict from 1945 onwards.

Edited to add that I think HMS Caroline is a far worthier cause.


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I'm sure there are also others still afloat serving with foreign navies too Vikrat (Hermes) in India and Antrim with other GMDs in S America as I recall.

Bristol - old ships!!
The greatest maintenance cost is probably man hours. That's a shame when we have so many professional dole drawers and HM Prisons' residents stooging around.
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Antrim become the Chilean Navy's flagship, renamed Amilrate Cochcrane. Decomissioned in 2010, she was towed to China to be scrapped.


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I think everybody who wants to save a warship should be condemned to chip and paint the things for the rest of their natural lives.


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Not sure that I really care if she's scrapped or not. The ship I served on 'Down South' was turned into razor blades many moons ago.