Save the children UK


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Here is a sample of the work we undertook in 2004/2005 to improve children's lives.

In response to the Asian tsunami, we undertook an immediate and massive emergency operation, providing assistance to thousands of affected children and their families. For example, we delivered life-saving equipment, food, shelter and hygiene kits to homeless families in the first few weeks. Save the Children was also a lead agency helping to trace the relatives of children separated from their families in the tsunami.

We helped in the demobilisation and rehabilitation of thousands of children in Africa. For example, we conducted family tracing, operated transit centres and children's centres, and provided safe accommodation for demobilised children while helping them return home. We also provided counselling to children and set up community support, particularly focusing on support to girls associated with armed forces.

We launched a campaign in the UK to persuade governments and world leaders to get more girls into school around the world, with the backing of MPs and high-profile women.

We worked with the Publish What You Pay coalition (which we helped found), to prompt 19 countries to commit to increasing transparency of revenues from oil, gas and mining - a vital step towards reducing corruption and improving public accountability for the use of proceeds from these huge industries.

For more examples of our achievements please see the about us section.