SAVE HMS CAROLINE 1914 Light Cruiser

Whilst banter and abuse is normally reserved for 'Lils or the Barge, the occasional snapshot of humour sometimes encroaches on other forums. Don't take it so seriously, most posters on here are either service or ex-service and Bandy's response is exactly what you'd expect in a messdeck. This site is basically a cyber messdeck!
Hi,I just sent a reply but I don't think it went through,so just in case I'll try again - You're probably right,I could "hear" the sarcasm in his reply. What a shame for him he can't be objective enough to make a sensible reply. I couldn't be bothered to lower myself to respond in kind to remarks that are so wide of the mark.When I see some of the messages on other sites that are either silly or insulting I wonder why people with interests in history can't make the effort to have a serious discussion. I'm on another site which is full of informative subjects where genuine researchers post queries and replies and help each other. I had thought this forum would be similar but I don't think I'll be using it again.I'll keep an open mind though.As for CAROLINE,of course it's disappointing for Portsmouth not to get her but someone had to lose out,at least she is saved from the breakers.
Well just in case you don't honour us with your presence again, cheerio.


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An appeal has been issued by the National Museum of the Royal Navy for anyone connected to the World War One HMS Caroline to make contact. The NMR
N is currently compiling an oral history of the ship and its many different functions and duties throughout the 99 years of its life.

HMS Caroline, the last remaining floating survivor of the 1916 Battle of Jutland, received a stay of execution last month when the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the Northern Ireland Department for Enterprise Trade and Investment agreed a plan to restore, preserve and exhibit the ship in time for the 100th anniversary of Jutland.

NMRN Director General Professor Dominic Tweddle says he is delighted that the Caroline is officially being gifted to NMRN by the Ministry of Defence and that the ship is staying in Belfast.

“Many of us breathed a huge sigh of relief and following our collective efforts to rescue this magnificent piece of history we want to bring Caroline back to life and collect as many stories from relatives of those who served on her and possibly actual veterans themselves,” he says

Tourism Minister Arlene Foster welcomed the appeal. She said: “HMS Caroline is a strong and distinctive part of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter and it is important that the full story is told. So many people from different walks of life will have had a connection with the ship, whether themselves or through a family member, during the 99 years of its life. If these memories can be recorded, they will add to what is already a rich tapestry of maritime history in Northern Ireland.”

Anyone with any relevant information is invited to contact the National Museum of the Royal Navy through the Friends of Caroline organisation Pete Cochrane : [email protected] or Pete Bleakley: email: [email protected]


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Last week we found a Veteran who served onboard HMS Caroline during WW2, he's 92 and his whole family have connections with Caroline. We 'Friends of Caroline' hope we can arrange a meeting with him and hopefully a film crew will record the event.

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