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Save Haslar petition; Government response


Sorry if this has been done, but I couldn't see it.
A few members signed the online petition regarding Haslar and the Govt response is as shown below;
Save-haslar - epetition reply

21 November 2007

We received a petition asking:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Retain the Royal Haslar Hospital."

Details of Petition:

"We, the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to retain services of the Royal Haslar Hospital. The decision to close Haslar came about as a result of a review of Defence Medical Services in 1997/1998, however, Haslar's caseload is 80% civilian and it is heavily relied upon by the local community. The hospital has served the civilian population of the area and also the Army, Navy and Air Force for many years, and in view of recent comments and the scarcity of facilities for treatment of Military cases in a Military environment, we believe that Haslar Hospital should be retained at full strength."

Read the Government's response

The Government's priority is to ensure that injured personnel receive the best possible treatment that is available. This requires them to be placed in the most appropriate specialist environment, with associated equipment and trained personnel who have the necessary specialist clinical expertise. For many years Haslar has had nothing like the range of medical facilities and expertise that are found at a major trauma Trust hospital such as Selly Oak. In addition, Selly Oak offers much better links to the military airhead at Brize Norton, and a regional civilian airport that can handle our largest aircraft within easy reach of the receiving hospital. That is why Selly Oak Hospital now serves as the primary receiver of our overseas casualties. This is why the Government sees no need to retain services at the Royal hospital Haslar after planned closure date late 2009.

When the 1994 Defence Costs Study led to the closure of most of the UK's military hospitals, it was originally intended to retain Haslar, primarily to train military medical personnel for their operational role. But the required number and range of cases did not occur, and in December 1998 the Government announced its decision to phase out Haslar and consolidate training within the NHS, building on the establishment of the Ministry of Defence Hospital Units (MDHUs).

Since then, the hospital has undoubtedly provided services for the local community. The majority of its patients have always been civilian, but the medical needs of the Armed Forces are best served through access to facilities and training in a busy acute care hospital that is managing severe trauma on a daily basis.

Although it ceased to be a military unit on 31 March 2007, Haslar is still owned by the MOD and will continue to function, under the existing partnership arrangement with the Portsmouth NHS Hospitals Trust, until late 2009, when most clinical services, along with both NHS and some military staff, will transfer to the redeveloped Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, Portsmouth. Other military tasks currently retained at Haslar will be transferred to the RCDM and elsewhere. Until the hospital's closure, military doctors and nurses will continue to serve at Haslar, many of them as part of the Portsmouth MDHU. The MDHU will continue to play a major role for the foreseeable future in providing training for our medical people, as well as providing healthcare for both military and civilian patients.


War Hero
Got the same reply - so much for a listening Government - selling Servicemen down the river for a few bob - a pox on the lot of them !


Staff Officer written drivel. Loads of sentences, no meaning at all. As Not MeChief said: shut up Jack - we don't care.


I received this as well because I'd signed the online petition, as well as all the rest, unfortunately after the first couple of line its started to be 'blah blah blah' heard it all before. We need to keep this fight going. I've heard to many story of guys in a certain London Hospital being threatened :threaten: because they are in one of the services. :rage:


War Hero
got to say although I am knockin on a bit,if,when visiting my wife in hospital I heard someone threatening a service personnel then I will twat him with whatever there is around and take my chances later with the law,such as it is.
I despise cowards and that is what they are.
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