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We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Retain the Royal Haslar Hospital. We, the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to retain services of the Royal Haslar Hospital. The decision to close Haslar came about as a result of a review of Defence Medical Services in 1997/1998, however, Haslar's caseload is 80% civilian and it is heavily relied upon by the local community. The hospital has served the civilian population of the area and also the Army, Navy and Air Force for many years, and in view of recent comments and the scarcity of facilities for treatment of Military cases in a Military environment, we believe that Haslar Hospital should be retained at full strength.

If this on-line petition scheme is going to work, I think we need to be more selective in our aims and realise when we are pi**ing in the wind. Having spent all that money on the Joint dream outside Brum, this isn't going to happen. By all means petition to save the magnificent historic buildings and, for the sake of Turk Town and its environs, much of the facilities. The words used won't achieve it though.

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