Saudi's to regulate but not outlaw child brides

Right, bad news to all elderly Muslim men who wish to wed & bed girls as young as 8. The Saudi's have finally decided that it might be seen as unsavory and are going to regulate the practice. From now on you can marry a child but now you must wait until she reaches puberty before you can abuse her. :evil:

Looks like Gary Glitter will be moving to paedoparadise then! :evil:

Interestingly there is some scholarly debate within the Muslim community worldwide about the exact age that Aiysha married Mohammed, with many claiming that she was 13. The problem is that the Muslim community like Christians insist that the manifest purpose of marriage is for reproduction. Finnis asserts, for example, that the potential of procreation (even where biologically impossible) is sufficient to justify marriage (in infertile heterosexual couples, for example).

So that's OK then. :roll:
Jimmy_Green said:
slim said:
Carrolannabelle said:
oh gosh you guys are terrible. Cant men just wait until girls are old enough to appreciate a good seeing to?

Please define "Old enough" :oops:
If their feet reach the floor when they're sat on the toilet, they're old enough. :twisted:
In the local Infant school ......low bogs,.....they reach the floor??????? :oops:
Jimmy_Green said:
Rumrat said:
So A Saudi junior school for girls is now a Leisure centre?
Or a dating agency? 8O
Dirty Fcukers
They only go for smally girls if they can't get smally boys, camels or goats.
Like I said, I'm hanging out for a smally Porche.

Cammels give me the hump, and Goats? well my Ex was kinda...."BUTT" thats another story. :lol: :lol: :eek:

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