Saudi woman to be flogged, because she was raped.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wet_blobby, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Ok it's their country, their laws but when are these fcuking inbreeds going to wake up and move out of the 14th century?

    The sooner they run out of oil and go back to wiping there arsses with there left hands the better.

    Some crime eh?
  2. Couldn't have put it better myself WB.
  3. It is their country. Whilst this case seems ludicrous to us, the Saudis live according to their own laws and women are not allowed to associate freely. The objective of the right wing of Islam is to extend these laws across the globe, subjecting us all to their version of a belief system.

    There is no God. Get over it.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I wouldn't call being gang raped by 14 blokes "associating freely".
  5. Why would she associate with these men anyway, they are Sunni Muslims, she is a Shia, and if Iraq has taught us anything it is that they don't exactly get on well!

    Women cannot even drive a car in Saudi, no wonder the Arabic world was massively peeved with Faye Turney.
  6. Nothing to be done there as the Saudi's are our allies in the war on terror. :puker:
  7. Sadly enough, in the middle ages, the islamic middle east was a world leader in science, technology and art. Makes you wonder where it all went so wrong.

    As blobs said, they seem to have left themselves in the middle ages.
  8. Nor would I. If I read this correctly, this person was being driven by a man she did not know and there was no suggestion of kidnap. I am not trying to excuse either the crime or the Saudi law, just pointing out that it is the law of a sovereign country that has not capitulated to a federation of states as we have.
  9. The Saudi's are not the only ones who advocate this practice (though they are the ones who are able to implement it). The Bible requires rape victims to marry their attacker. Jesus, to my knowledge, made no comment about this which suggests that he accepted conventional Jewish law on this topic and thereby saw no reason to comment. The position of conservative evangelicals is that Jewish law not mentioned by Jesus was accepted by him. Some conservative evangelicals in the US advocate rape victims being forced to marry their attacker, at Federal level, as of course do those groups which advocate a literal interpretation of the entire Bible, in the UK. Whilst we condemn a Muslim people for enacting their own laws we seem unwilling to confront those minorities (who claim to represent most Christians in Britain) amongst our own Christian community who make similar demands.
  10. Savages from the middle ages .

  11. It could be argued that the Saudis are exporters of said terror, and that the Yanks are shit scared of facing up to it. Quite possibly it could also be the reason they were so keen to invade Iraq, being such a large oil bearing region. They could have secured their oil supplies in a country that had calmly rolled over, them being so grateful for being liberated. Then the Yanks could have moved out of Saudi, and then twatted them.

    You may scoff, but I bet they had that conversation at some stage.
  12. I have to agree with you and thanks for reminding us all of where the power lay at one time.

    We would know little about the ancient greeks if it had not been for the Middle east translating the work of the great and good.

    It is a pitty they did not progress after the 1430........

    However they did invent Algibra, so thats another thing to hate them for :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  13. Today, according to the Islamic calendar, is 6 November 1428.

    In the Italian city of Palma, in 1428, whilst rape carried the death penalty for the perpetrator, if the victim and rapist were unmarried the charges would be dropped if the victim married her attacker, with her mother's consent. Given that illegitimacy would deny basic rights for the (usually) resulting child and the unmarried woman would be stigmatised to the point of probably never being able to marry, the moral conventions of mediaeval Italy effectively forced the rape victim to consent to marrying her attacker.

    source: BRUNDAGE, JA (1987) Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  14. All she did was meet an old boyfriend to retrieve some photos as she was getting married to another man soon.The rapists were strangers & they raped the boy too.
  15. Answer massively invest in non hydrocarbon energy and considerably reduce our reliance on these *******.
  16. I was thinking of posting on this Streaks but ran out of steam half way through my rant and went and got ready for work yesterday.

    Describing the Saudis as exporters of terror is IMHO a good way to describe it. There is nothing left to be said about this corrupt state that helped create the terrorism that divides the world today and I find it very significant that the British Royal Family are such good personal friends with them.

    I suppose it actually tells us something about our own corrupt government and sycophantic Royal Family that they are prepared to be seen in public with someone who represents this repugnant system of government but then they are just puppets whose strings are pulled by the military-industrial complex that holds such sway in todays world.

    Gosh it's a shame the fundamentalists are such tossers because I'd love to throw in my lot with something that would help smash the sick capitalist system that brainwashes so many people today - sadly probably not in my lifetime - sigh.

    (sorry thread drift at the end there - just my own dirty little fantasy - keeps me going though that thought that one day it might all come tumbling down again)

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