Saturday's Rugby

I am quite surprised our friends in the South have not been crowing about Scotland giving Italy their first away win since joining the Six Nations.


Lantern Swinger
I do believe england (the auld enemy) failed to win just like Scotland (the latter was to appease the english and get it in before they did) to sod it, I will........everyone expected England to lose...scotland losing was just pure pleasure. :lol:
Oh I thought England were on the way to a great season in preparation for another triumphant world cup now that JW was back. 43-13 I believe, dam it we weren't even able to get a score like that with the Italians even giving them three tries on a plate, and stll playing like numpties.

I wish I had watched the match it would have cheered me up no end.

Mind you it's shame the Welsh couldn't quite make it.
As a Channel Islander, I think I will exercise my right to change side half way through!

So France for the Grand Slam!!
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