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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by (granny), Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I have heard a lot about Sat. Navs and how invaluable they can be on a journey. Having no idea about them, apart from that they tell you which way to go, has anyone any advice on which is the best 'make' to buy?
  2. Can't go wrong with TomTom IMHO
  3. If you were to upgrade from roads signs and a 6.99 road map then I'd go for Tom Tom to be honest, I'm no fan of Garmin full stop

    I only use my Tom Tom for timings when going to meet clients, however it did help me when I was driving around Nice/Monaco cos it's different road system to ours
  4. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Does it come with an automatic continental router or is that extra?
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seems to depend on how much you want to spend. I have a Mio (710 model I think but I haven't got it immediately to hand), I had never heard of the make but it was on a very good offer so I got it. Its never steered me wrong, it has advanced warning for cameras etc. I stress that I know nothing about the workings of the things.
  6. As I can read a map, I always said I'd never get one. However, now we are in Spain where we don't know our way around quite so well, I invested in a 'UK and Europe' model. What can I say, it is brilliant! We recently tried to find a hotel in a city we didn't know, and the magic box actually had it as a POI (point of interest). Simples.

    Mine is a Tom Tom, which I have been told is the best in-car model, though the green meanies and hill walkers will say Garmin. As I understand it, Garmin is superb as a stand alone GPS but Tom Tom is the dog's for in-car stuff. We call her 'Gobshite' as she is always corect! But I want to download Tourette Tony...........

    As an aside it also warns of fixed speed traps all over Europe and tells you when you are exceeding the speed limit, not that I ever do (cough,cough!) and at least it makes you slow down and look around to see where the revenue generator is. Get one!!!
  7. It depends Granny

    Mine came with UK and Ireland however for 26 squid I downloaded the France/Monaco map. Otherwise UK & Ireland is all I needed, as I only use it for timings mainly. I can follow road signs and a road map.

    So it's what you need from it really
  8. Dont do what I did and think it knew about speed cameras full stop.
    Yes I thought it detected them ,and not as is, just knowing there position.
    This was because my oppo had been on about his road angel, and I misunderstood.

    £60.00 and three points later.................. :evil: :evil:
    I now understand what up grades are. :oops:
  9. Def a tom tom.
  10. Garmin are good but you need a degree in computer science to set them up, as they are a little complex. TomTom are just about the most user friendly and have access to a larger network of satellites so have better coverage, but there are times when the mapping leaves a little to be desired, i.e. driving out to Lindisfarne it shows you as being in the middle of the north sea.
  11. Got a Navman --great to use and easy to operate .

  12. Driving down the M6 the mates sat nav told him to turn left at the next roundabout
  13. I started with Navman and whilst the software was fine the hardware only lasted a year or so until the power connector packed in and it just wasn't worth getting it repaired it was so expensive.

    I now use an Acer pda with Tomtom software and find the Tomtom software fine and extra maps cheap in comparison to other software, my maps for South Africa (where it was excellent) were half the price of anything else. As far as I can see it is a lot cheaper to get a Europe package than buy a UK package and add the Europe maps later.

    With all software you have to use some CDF, they will all pick up slightly strange routes down farm tracks etc, especially if like I do you tow a caravan.
  14. If you don't have Bluetooth in your car you can route your mobile phone through your satnav, which can be useful.
    Some satnavs guide you around traffic jams or offer alternative routes. Mine, a TomTom 730 shows you bright green arrows to tell you exactly which lane to be in at large junctions. It came loaded with all european maps, plus the USA, and updates fixed speed camera locations. It is easy to programme and to be honest I have hardly if ever used some of the features.
    Finding addresses on dark and wet nights in a strange city they are excellent for, and avoiding speeding tickets whilst distracted by the strange surroundings.
    They are generally an excellent idea and I don't find them a hinderence. As an aid to navigation they are excellent, but I still carry a map as it is good to know exactly where you are.
    As usual let common sense rule.
    ps TomToms seem to have a design fault in the mounting which cracks and weakens, or cannot withstand strong sun (In Spain!!) leading to the thing flopping around.
  15. I have a tom tom I find it the most useful when I need to find a house number on a street. My 4.99 maps only cover major roads I can easily find my way to the town or city it's just when I am there and need to find the road that without Tom Tom it would take ages especially with stupid one way systems in place to confuse non locals. Also I have used Tom Tom when in London and found it useful as my one has all the museums etc loaded onto it. This is incredibly useful when you need to go to the nearest petrol station or cashpoint.
  16. I normally only use my satnav to find an address, any idiot can plan a journey from city to city or town to town, however once arriving finding the destination addrees is more difficult.
    So I put my sat nav on about 10 miles before I arrive at my destination. Works everytime. :p
  17. I've got a TomTom Europe as I drive in France quite often and it's been ace. Dead easy to use, warns of fixed speed cameras here and in France. Best for me is it gives a little piccy of how far to the next turning and what type (ie roundabout, cross roads etc) and you can turn the warning alarm off when you exceed the speed limit which is good 'cos CinCNagHome kept giving me grief until I turned that bit off :lol:
  18. I've only used a TomTom but find it excellent. TomTom are always a best buy when Which test sat navs.
  19. I was leading a country walk from Beeston Castle in Cheshire waiting for the group to join me. We waiting forever for one Lady her satnav took her to Chester. Of course it was my fault with being the walks leader I never informed them how to get to Beeston Castle did I. I wonder at times how these people enter and exit a supermarket without getting lost.
  20. Good example of why sat navs are just nav AIDS!!! not 100% perfect. It's the brain dead who slavishly follow them that drive over cliffs and into rivers.

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