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Got a new Sat Nav[Garmin 200W] bought it stop the wife shouting out instructions whilst I drive!
Looks straight forward but thought I'd ask if there is anything I need to watch out for.
Heard of wrong directions given but I can handle that.
Need it to travel to Ireland this year so I want all snags sorted before I go,still not sure about driving thu some counties in safety.Cheers if you can
Just the obvious Health Warning, make sure you treat as though your wife said the instructions, i.e. ensure that the "Turn Left", isn't a "No Entry"!


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Do not rely on post codes.In the countryside you can have 1 post code for a 4 mile radius. Look at a good map. :whew:


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In general they are not too bad, but are still prown to send you down the odd blind alley.

Oh, and commercial GPS is nowhere near as accurate as the military system and can be up to around 100 yards inaccurate ;-)
Drove from Spain to UK with TomTom 910, all around Madrid, Bordeaux and Calais. Then in UK London, Brighton Wiltshire up to Lakes then onto Glasgow and Faslane area before going back to London. Brilliant but a few rules

Look at a map first

If you gut says go a certain direction do it and if after 5 miles the re-calculated route is still saying turn around then your gut is wrong.

Look down each turning before you follow instructions to make sure it is not a railway line, Horse track, race course etc.

Use your CDF do not treat it like its perfect.


WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT MINE best investment I have made for ages.
I've seen people quite happily drive through red lights etc whilst following Sat Nav, they are so focused on following the "Turn Left" instruction they forget about road signs, lights etc.

A good tool but keep your wits about you....and check the map.
Nutty has hit it on the head.
I use my sat-nav the same way as Nutty describes:
Use a map when planning and have it on hand.
Trust your gut feeling - very def works.
Don't rely solely on the sat-nav by itself.
Good tool if used with CDF.



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download a different accent for the voice that tells you the directions. I found the turrets one quite amusing.
Agree very much with good old Nutty, also watch out for the occasional spurious diversion, always always check on the route selection settings, getting that right can take up to 10% of the journey in distance and with current fuel costs that can be serious money. Also remember the maps were made at least a year ago, so any where there is a new road layout you are on your own for a little bit. On the accuracy bit they are normally a lot more accurate than brigham suggests, the US stopped b*ggering up the signal a few years back and many new sets have WASS/EGNOS which gives you almost military accuracy, also road navigation programmes try to keep you on the road. Great toys.


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Great toy. I use it to find the chip shop at the end of my road and for getting to work!

At the end of my road is a chippy, it wanted to take me on a 3 mile trip! Took me 3 mins by foot!
fly_past said:
Great toy. I use it to find the chip shop at the end of my road and for getting to work!

At the end of my road is a chippy, it wanted to take me on a 3 mile trip! Took me 3 mins by foot!
Should have put it into walking mode then it would have taken you the 3 minute route.

Just remember it is an aid to navigation (like air traffic control) not the be all and end all.
You should back it up with common dog, and a map, and most important of all, know where you are.
The ones that warn you of changing speed limits are very good, especially on a filthy night in a strange town when you can easily miss things.
Nutty said:
Wot is this LUV a MOD DAY

Yes. Make the most of it, it won't last.

I agree with your thoughts on the matter. I also don't trust any navigator, especially not one in a tin box. I allways have maps as a back up.
Why don't you just go to the AA website and do the route online?
Its free :)
Or buy a roadmap!

(No, i'm not being pedantic here)


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My wife didnt like the "other woman" in the car with me either.... Ordered to remove the offending Voice - got Billy Connely now - blooming hard to understand..... Just like the wife really!