Anyone had a commission in Snookie? I served on the Jaguar..64-66. My first ship, and wow, what an experience that was. Looking back I still can't believe the places we visited. Flew to Cape Town to join the ship as a 16yr old j/seaman. (phased drafting) I still remember the wonder of watching dolphins playing in the bow wave as we set out into the Indian Ocean. A refit in Chatham, and then back to Simonstown, via Brazil. A very eventful commission and we did the first ever Beira Patrol. Although it wasn't called that at the time. Oh the joy of sleeping in a hammock(NOT) Food was poor, living conditions abysmal, but at the time you just accepted it. I left in 74 as a killick UC1, but always remember those two years. It wasn't all good and the separations were hard to accept( as was scrubbing the rotten beading every day) Any memories appreciated.

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