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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by NotmeChief, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Don't know how many of you watched Weakest Link this evening, but there was a question to one of the girls who's answer made me fall off my seat.

    Question - 'What is the three word motto of the SAS'?

    Answer - 'You are dead'

    lmfao - good answer though.
  2. Was she Blonde???
  3. If only I could of been there, I would of said.... this is my job so I should know this!
    And then Ann after the round would of started asking me questions which I would of loved to have told her that I cannot tell her about it, and then she could shove her snotty face up her arse. Who dares wins though is a true fact.
  4. I thought it was "We stop shooting when the magazine's empty." was in Gibraltar, allegedly.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As opposed to my personal mottos:

    Who cares Who wins?


    It's not the winning, it's the "taking part".
  6. I think back in 1942 when guys were a bit more robust compared to todays society though things were more about winning WW2 than the teamwork etc as such (Don't get me wrong it was about the teamwork).

    Nowadays things are more about being in there to have an ego, back then was more to do with having a crack team unit to do specific roles... hence Parachute Regiment which now hardly has the original role if at all!

    Just imagine if things got to the stage of WW3 and we really needed the same toughness of guys back then to do these specific roles, it will be quite impossible due to the society of everybody having it easy.
  7. "I was first on the Balcony"
    And of course the ever popular
    I Am Spartacus!
  8. Are you trying to suggest that UKSF, The Parachute Reg or maybe 3 Cdo Brigade could'nt hack it any more if the sh1t hit the fan??

    Speak for yourself Asthma weakling.

    Matt Bea you are defo the weediest link. Goodbye!.....
  9. Says the failure!! Bore off loser.
  10. lukep....... asthma?, nzb........ loser? once you really knew me, then please call me.
  11. why would i need to call you??

    Do you have something i might want?
  12. Possibly.
    I am just trying to communicate here, I cannot understand why I should get torment for everything I say just because I could not make it into the RN.
    I am here to help the guys in the same dissapointing situation as mine, and put them at rest, I am not here to argue.
  13. I know all I need to know from what you've said on here to wit:
    Self harming, whining, know all, wannabe, failure and racist.
    Did I miss owt?
    Oh yes
  15. haha.... ok ok.. I will admit I like to wind you all up, which tends to work!!
    Other than that I can see that you all like to fault the paras compared to the bootnecks which I then wonder why you are all having a go at me for it? when hippocritically you do it yourselfs.... I know booties plus paras, plus many other serving members from different units and you tell me I cannot state my winding up opinions!! hows about Fcuk Off yourselfs.
  16. SAS Shoot and Shoot!

    Sorry SBS we thought you where the Argies!
  17. You get grief because you insist on gobbing off about things of which you couldn't have the slightest first hand experience of, as above.
    Therefore your 'advice' is useless.
    When we want to know about being a self harming hermer doorman you'll be the first person we'll ask.
  18. And by the way, back in the 1930's/40's, times were tougher in normal "Civvie" life.
    So when it comes to nowadays when we have so many luxuries and easy going lifes we do not realise how tough more it must of been back then, EVERYTHING was harder.
    Ration Packs will soon make you think about everybody having to rationalise food which nowadays we all take for granted.

    I never actually said they was not up for the job just the fact they do not parachute into battle, read carefully before assuming and stating your own opinions ;)
  19. And btw NZB, what first hand experience have you of being in the SAS?
  20. You cheeky fcuking cnut. You tell me to read carefully before stating my opinions when 99 percent of your posts are completely illiterate.
    Have a close look and another read to your fukcing post earlier i have been refering to!!
    It looks like a spastic chucked a bunch of sticky letters across my monitor.
    Christ sake your an absolute clueless cnut. When will you get the message that your opinions are always well off the mark, Please please please just fukc off and pester somebody else like.... Rocknet!

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