Sarie Marais, the Corps Yacht, wrecked in hit and run incident

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by SJRM_RN, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Some arrse has smashed up Sarie Marais in a hit and run, I hope they catch the perpetrator and make him pay (as they see fit!!!)

    Story Here
  2. "Royal wakes to find a she's got a battered rear end" - you call this news Jimbo!? ;-)
  3. fib100370.jpg

    All better.
  4. I'm sure a man of your talent :laughing7: could patch that up in a weekend, it's not exactly wrecked as you call it, it's got a hole in the back.

    Give Princess yachts a ring, I'm sure they would love to give you their time.
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  5. This is awfully sad, SJ. Let's hope the people who did it come forward out of decency.

    Do you think the repairs will be covered by insurance?
  6. Blah Blah Blah - another fuckin whinger - get off your fat arse and do something about it then, you've got a month.
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  7. Bet it was the same git who side swiped me with his caravan and sped off. Lets hope its fixed quickly.
  8. You certainly have a befitting avatar, so true to life.

    I've made a couple more suggestions for getting it ready for the trip that you have,
    coming here whinging won't get if fixed you mong.
  9. That'll polish out with a bit of T cut.

    It might be worth asking the boys at Turnchapel if they where responsible. They have got previous for damaging boats on moorings.

    Sadly, my GK29 is too small, otherwise I'd gladly lend it to them, in return for a free mooring for a season.
  10. I hope you die in a fire.
  11. I'm not having hissy fits, it's you with the repetitious 'i fink i wus rite the firs tyme' doh

    MOD EDIT: NotmeChief; put your crayons away and don't post again in this thread. Thanks for reading.
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  12. And you can wind your fuckin neck in as well dogs breath.
  13. READER EDIT: And for God's sake put the bottle down - 't is the only viable explanation.
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I wasn't aware we had a yacht when I was serving.

    Just a thought but is it worth a shot asking the companies who make our ribs/raiders/lct's etc for a donation towards the repairs? They'll be able to off set it against tax if it's a "charitable" donation. Also try asking some of the competitors in the big sailing boats races if they have a spare training boat you can borrow, I think racing season is coming to an end so you never know. Dont ask dont get. Good luck jimbo.

    (...and yep, you were right first time...)
  15. It isnt that long ago that the damage could have been repaired for the cost of a box of biccies various and some fag stamps. Drakes J24 Red Alert got trashed a while back, afaik its still awaiting repair.
  16. SJ

    I see that this has been mentioned in Practical Boat Owner magazine, with a request for help from anyone who might be in a position to assist.

    Can you lend a yacht to the Marines? | News | Pbo

    I'm hoping to read that someone has come forward with a suitable boat in the next few weeks, I really am.
  17. You don't have to have sod all to do with it to put your charitable hat on. I'm **** all to do with Oxfam, but I put a pound in their tin.

    I already said give Princess Yachts a ring, if it upsets you that much, then help them out, make that phone call.

    It's got a 'little' hole in the stern for fucks sake, it's not wrecked.
  18. Would they be able to assist, NMC?

    Princess Yachts International plc : Princess Yachts, Luxury Motor Yachts, Flybridge Yachts
  19. Surely this boat was insured? The MOD owns a flotilla of yacts capable of taking over the Saris' role, so why are they asking for the loan of a replacememt on a civvy website?
  20. The only thing to laugh at is some nobber who thinks saying 'I'm ex RM' as if that means jack shit to anyone, mankin about a hole in a boat but completely unwilling to help in any way to get it fixed.

    Don't try to excuse yourself because you didn't write the headline, you continued with the exageration in the hope it would make every one gasp.

    The laugh is on you mong.
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