Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Yes, Bristowe group on a 10 year contract, and the replacements for the old Sea Kings to be Sikorsky S-92's and and Augusta Westland 189's. 10 S-92's to be based at Stornoway and Sumburgh and some new bases at Newquay , Caernafon, and Humberside airports, each having 2 aircraft. The 10 AW189's are to be based at Lee, and a new hangar at Prestwick. Also new bases at St Athan, Inverness and Manston. About half the new fleet will be built at Yeovil.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    No mention of Portland, dispite brand new facilities being built there not too long ago.
  3. No SAR, no Carriers and only a few ships with a chopper on board.
    I recon we could get a few dollars more in our pension if we disbanded the Fleet Air Arm, they don't seem to have much to do anyway do you Monty?
    They must all know each other by now in that branch, the old jokes coming true.
  4. Sadly, civvies fly too so they keep us working. Anyway, the loss of Forces SAR don't bother me none. No SAR means no gash weekend duties. Bonus. The Sea King is ageing beyond maintenance, the Merlin isn't effective in the role, we don't have a proper SAR platform going forward so it makes sense.

    We were never meant to use it to help idiot cliff fallers anyway.
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  5. OK, but you do know each other don't you?
  6. might come unstuck,whist attempting to do plane guard duties on the new flat tops, at fixed wing flying stations :angry3: but then again,with no God onboard aka aircrewman over!!!!
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  7. We're still keeping our SAR capability Scouse, we're just not going to do it outside our own needs. (Unless already airborne and in the vicinity).
  8. must get in contact with Jay and all the old and bolds then???? To get finned up !!!!=D
  9. Would that be Jay O QGM, A S, J (B) W, or older and bolder than them?
  10. Well Janner, Portland is included in the current SAR bases as are---Culdrose, Wattisham, Valley, Boullmer, Lee, Chivenor, Leconfield, Lossiemouth, and Prestwick. A lot of those being the old MDA airfields.
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm aware of that mate, its being dropped in a couple of years time as it stands, despite being one of the busiest stations. The powers that be claim that with new new choppers endurance and speed its not needed. Of course its not a money saving idea.
  12. What the hell are they going to do at Culdrose all day?
    Those heady days of excitement scrambling to rescue some overweight visitor floating out to sea on his Li-lo Gone! Civilians are going to do it. What's left for the RN Armed Forces south of the Tamar?
  13. Culdrose is plenty busy. 7 RW squadrons, FRADU hawks and King Air Avengers all flying daily and nightly.

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  14. Doing what exactly?
  15. Flying. You trolling hampton.

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  16. Flying?
    Anywhere particularly interesting?
    Suggest to your chaps that the Scilly Isles are especially , overwhelmingly scintillatingly breathtaking at this time of year and well worth a shufti.They could pop over in a Hawk or King Air Avenger.
    The myriad colours and aura of brilliance will delight them
  17. Die in a fire.

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  18. I was given to understand that Culdrose was closing as an SAR base ... as was Lee and the South Coast was going to be covered by Bristows operating from Portland ... but I may well have got that wrong. If correct its difficult to understand as the South Coast is one of the busiest areas in which case how can they task a helo which happens to be swanning around Cornwall to cover The Solent unless the Crabs are going to cover Cornwall from Valley ... or is that closing as well???

    brain hurts now so I'm going to shut up!
  19. Culdrose wont be providing SAR but other than that will continue as normal. Bristow's will operate out of Newquay for the south west.

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