San Fransisco brown hatters

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Global 86 the mighty Manchester had the most hoofing fcuking deployment sailed in Feb home in November divorced 4 months later, however it had some memorable moments and made the deployment.
    San Fran brown hatters paradise, berthed on the wharf and the Guzz wankers on Amazon collided with us as she tried to berth alongside, stan was busy on the fcsle awning for the usual 1st night in cock and arse, but gave two of my lads a make and mend after the middle and they fcuk off billy bigsteps over the gangway in No6s for a rig run.

    Come 1900 and the grunters guests start to arrive I was duty fcuking PO doing the ceremonial shite when the biggest fcuking white Limmo I have ever seen stops at the bottom of the gangway, the OOD has kittens skipper and the Jimmy start to twitch, I get the boys on the gangway to attention and commence piping the side, out falls my 2 ABs absolutely bollocked but also appears a rather dashing brown hatter in a white tuxedo, up the gangway they stagger mutter apologies about closed gangway and shite and disappear down 3E for some more tinnies. The jimmy has a right bastard on and follows them down to the mess to sort them out.
    Well the fudge packer is only the heir to one of the biggest toiletry companies in the US and says to the jImmy how much the mighty Manch cost and if he could buy it!! I get sent down to sort the shit out meantime the hatter has fallen madly in love with young golly and wants his babies, Budgie (sunk on Ardent 1982) the 2 badge AB says get on and tells the golly it will only hurt for a short while and that he may actually enjoy the experience as most gollies do! But unfortunately I have to ask the guy to leave and thought the last of it. Fast forward a week Manchester arrives in Hawaii so does the hatter by private jet and offers the young golly anything he wants if he takes his porky snigget, Budgie tries to convince him it would be really great and swears he won't tell anybody EH!!!
    Budgie returns to the UK still skint and young gollies arse retains its virginity, interest rates go up and Budgie gets the train each weekend to his house in London but has to buy a platform ticket and sit in the shitter all the way to Waterloo.
    But what a fcuking deployment. took 2 years to pay off my plastic=-D
  2. The golly must've been a fucking poof. Any proper matelot would've taken one up the Gary just for dit value.
  3. Fuckin seen off or what. 10 months in San Diego which meant 10 months in a paid for hotel and 10 months of subbies. Never had to touch pay and took 2 years to spend all those savings.

    Mind bumping into things seems to be the done thing as we hit the jetty when the knobby on the control room telegraph to back aft came off in the poor bastards hand as he was trying to signal stop engines. Shame boats have plastic fronts on them.
  4. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well in that case, let's hear your dit!!! :)
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  5. Back in the early 70s a good run ashore in Guzz was about a fiver including Lils of course, beer keller Wessy Bell Noahs Ark them commodore club with about a £1 left for a taxi back but stan being a gutty fat bastard would opt for a 2 piece meal from KFC at the citadel roundabout then take my chances with a lift home from the many hatters that used to cruise Union Strasse in the ealy hours looking for a bit of skin to hide the sausage. never took t up the rusty bullet box but fcuk me amazed I never got raped still like the KFC.
  6. A fiver!!!! Fcukin snob.:-D
  7. Off thread.... but just to black cat..............
    Mid 60's, blank week run ashore in Guzz....on ten bob..... (Thats 50p for you young 'uns)
    Kepples Head - scrumpy house just outside the dockyard gate...... Scrumpy, a shilling a pint...... eight pints of scrumpy, oggie and chips (one shilling and sixpence) on the way back to the ship..........and sixpence change ! ( I still think we were ripped off at the chippy)
  8. Where on earth was the Kepples Head? Ma Boots was the pub outside of Granby Gate, the Avondale was ouside of St Levans gate. Was the Keppels Head near to Drake Main Gate. ?
  9. On the corner below Aggies other side of road , Was called "The Complex" in the 80`s
  10. Stan, I agree! I was on the S Boat with you. Did you go to the RBL rig run in San Fran? There were one or twenty hatters in there that night!

    As a PS, did you know the TAS rate that spent so long on our boat (at sea) that he got submarine pay and subbies in San Fran??

    Happy days!
  11. My first run in Guzz, 17 and a half and a ruffy toughy Matelot, yer right, asks for a pint of bitter.

    "We dont serve beer"

    "Its a Pub innit? what do you serve?"


    "I`ll have a pint of cider then"

    "What sort?"

    ???????????????"Well it comes in bottles with a picture of a Woodpecker on it":sign6:

    "I`ll give you half o rough a smooth"

    "OK" :puke:
  12. The RNA (Royal Naval Arms for non Guzzites and pongo's) is the pub outside Drake Main Gate
  13. San Fran, brilliant run. Had my 21st there whilst on Snakey Blakey in 78.
  14. They used to sell "Hag Bags" paper bags with pretty faces printed on em.
  15. You shower of dirty shit stabbin barstewards, talking about hatters and pushin shit uphill its not only rude and crude, its disrespectful to the main giver of joy,........Sheep. Black sheep by choice.
  16. Came back to Guzz in '72 from the old "3rd Division North" (SM 3) and visited the Keppels and found a pint had increased to 75p a pint. I got chucked for telling them it was watered down (It was, but I still got shown the door !!) The sort of pub where you wiped your feet when you got outside.
  17. FWIW...I had my wedding reception in the Kepples Head ...good run

  18. ??????????????? I think the dates wrong or the price Apples was 13p in early 75. We nearly had a riot in the RNA when they put it up to 15p so they dropped it to 14p for a couple of weeks. Beer was 18p.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was that with the current Aunty Albert? If so I must ask her view when I see her next.

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