San Francisco gives battleship the heave-ho

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Well if it can make it across the pond we'll have it. Just don't park it off Brighton marina :D

    No Gays -No Ship
  2. I watched the Iowa leaving Pompey harbour several years ago. It took almost as long to pass my vantage point as the RN Fleet would today and was a glorious sight.

    She's old, but so much more impressive than modern platforms, even if they are much more capable than she was before the advent of modern missile systems.
  3. More like 88 when I watched her sailing inbound from the roof of HMS DOLPHIN's wardroom (complete with rock group on one of the after turrets!)
  4. The lead singer wasnt tommy lee jones or was that another :D ship
  5. I'd love it to be parked off brighton marina, reminds me when the cavalair was down there
  6. You could have spelt "Cavalier" right. A wonderful C&A destroyer
  7. oops :oops:
  8. Remember being in taskforce on the way back from Armilla in 88 when we met her battlegroup. We got the opportunity to see her do a volley fire which was Hugely impressive.
  9. All CA class Destroyers were good ships, mine was Cavendish D15
  10. Yes Dabtoe my second ship was Carron D30.

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