San Antionio class rusting away

I'd gotten a ship mag the other day, mainly for the pretty pictures. A good few are of the San Antionio class(not sure which specific ship).

Nice looking though, big, smooth lines... and loads of rust!

The railings around the aft deck(the entire railing, not just a bit), the welldeck doors, every vent. Rusty as hell(with the associated rust streaks on the hull).

I know that LPD's get a lot of wear and tear but these are fairly new ships. And I was thinking "Are these things not maintained?" I would think that they'd take better care of these you know, since they're such expensive pieces of kit(great kit when they're working).

Then started reading about problems they we're having, seriously over budget and a whole host of reliability issues, and well read the article yourselves.

Sorry but I don't have scans of the pics, no scanner.

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