Samsung Galaxy Tab2 intenet settings

Morning all,

We have been issued with a Samsung Galaxy Tab for recruitment purposes and I would like to download BR3 on to it to help the guys when they're out and about.

I can only get it to download the first page and not all the links to the different chapters. I downloaded it onto my laptop without any bother and the links work perfectly. I tried emailing it to the galaxy pad but again I cant get the links to work.

I assume it's something to do with the settings but I cant find anything that seems to do the trick.

Sorry for being an IT pleb. Help appreciated.

Might be a security issue but from the Dummies(sic) Guide

The web is full of links that don’t open in a web browser window. For example, some links automatically download, such as links to PDF files or Microsoft Word documents or other types of files that can’t be displayed by a web browser. Such links are automatically downloaded.

To save other types of links that aren’t automatically downloaded, long-press the link and choose the command Save Link from the menu that appears. If the Save Link command doesn’t appear, the Galaxy Tab is unable to save the file, either because the file is of an unrecognized type or because there could be a security issue.

  • You can view the saved file by using the Downloads app.

  • The Quickoffice app is used on the Galaxy Tab to display PDF and Microsoft Office files.
Full article.. :cool:
Are you using the

If so, probably no surprise. The RN has a strange way of publishing pdfs. It says:

Please note that BR2, BR3 and BR 1750A will only work in Adobe Reader. They work best in Internet Explorer, however if you wish to view in other browsers then you will need to change some settings - guidance on how to do this can be found via the link below.

I am using IE and Acrobat professional and on my PC and it will only open the cover page, and the buttons to 'enter book' don't work - the same problem as you are having on your tab I think.
There are some instructions regarding enabling/disabling add-ons but they don't seem to make any difference to me with IE.
Firefox and its buit in pdf reader won't do the links either.
On my Tab2, with native browser and the adobe acrobat reader app I get the same problem.

The only suggestion I would make (apart from the RN just publishing the books as one big pdf, or at least making this an alternative option), would be to see what your laptop has actually downloaded and copy that across to your tab. I suspect this won't help though as, most likely, your laptop is working as the BR designers intended and just dynamically downloading the individual chapters as you click on them. Saving each one offline and then copying to the tab would work, but it is a big book!

Good luck.

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