Same dream, different path!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by howfen_lad, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Right then, an update on my process, I received a phone call from my CA a couple of week ago about my trade choice of sea spec, after a discussion with him and a little research of my own I have changed over to mine warfare specialist, an easy decision when I knew the ins and outs of the MW role and lifestyle.

    This morning I had my interview for MW which went smoothly and pleasantly, ending with a satisfactory hand shake and ultimately a change of career paths.

    A public thanks to yamyamdabber for his PM's to me answering any queries. So same dream, different path. 'MUPPET' it is!

    Now to concentrate on my fitness again and keeping my mischievous noes clean. :-D
  2. Keep those babe pics coming in Lil's matey, hope you get your date soon.
  3. You'll need to concentrate on your flat cleaning too!!!
  4. Get on mate, bout time there were a few more mw's on here!
  5. And your spelling.:laughing2:
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  6. Thanks mate, here are a few babes for you to scan over

    Roger that!

    Na not too many we'll be waiting years and years for MW then mate ha-ha! Cheers.
  7. oops sorry I meant noose, that little thing between my thighs. ;-p
  8. In days of yore many a bloke applied for the wrens, and twas only a little thing stopped them.
  9. :laughing2:
  11. Did exactly same mate last week.. Mine warfare looks good.
  12. Maybe there are loads of us out there then, but its the right decision for me, lets see what the future brings then mate.
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I would have liked to have spent a draft on a small ship.
  14. Being black I tend not to have dreams.
    A bruvva from our getto had one a few years back and some ****** shot him and nicked it.
  15. Why did you decide to give up on being a seaman specialist??
  16. Rummers a specialist ?, he was Excellent once upon a time.
  17. Seaman Gunner FC2.
    I decided I needed to do something else and probably wanted to get amongst the nurses in haslar. It worked, I married one.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    By the time he sobered up Mr Sinclair had invented the electric carriage.
  19. Not as relaxed as they used to be sadly. Once upon a time you left the wall and all the divers and any of the muppets that had them were straight into tracksuits and sweat tops. No shaving till the day before you got in. No night rig rubbish. Sat in the SR's mess for a wet and talking to them on the same level etc etc. Good times. Sadly now though you have CO's that use MCMV's as a stepping stone to bigger things and young thrusting OOW's that think they have been around forever (spent longer going astern!).
    Sad really 'cos that was the reason we went small ships for the perks.

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