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  1. This question has been bothering me, so i have decided to ask you knowledgeable guys, to answer my question.

    If by any chance you came across an Officer Cadet, would you have to salute?

    I know I'm going to get slated for this by you guys, but I'm curious as to the answer. Yes there probably is answers out there on the question I've asked, but i feel more satisfied by the answers of the Rum Ration family.

    Have a good day.
  2. Negative as they're not commisioned officers although that may be wrong. I'm assuming you mean those in URNU's or Middy's?
  3. Not entitled to a salute until they have received the queens commission, so No
    Some would try to hide their true rank, to get salutes and you may receive some by mistake
  4. Sounds like your right to me. Thanks.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Officer Cadets, the type you will normally see in University RN Units, University Officer Training Corps & University Air Squadrons are not addressed "Sir or Ma'am" nor are they saluted.

    That said, there may well be University Cadet Entrants, amongst them, who have passed AIB and undergone Initial Officer Training at BRNC, or indeed passed AOSB and undergone initial training at Sandhurst, or passed OASC and undergone gone initial training at Cranwell, so they could be commissioned officers.

    If in doubt, always salute them if they're riding a bike, ideally when carrying something under their arm - otherwise, step indoors, take your hat off or walk away from them - to be on the safe side.

    Always watch out for the little ones with the big hats that remain stationary if they turn around quickly.
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  6. :angel5:Always saluted my middy pilot!!! when I strapped him into a buccaneer, just for being so brave :bow:
  7. Try and get them as they indicate to go around a left corner, and watch them panic as they try to grab hold and return the salute before they pass you.:hello2:
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  8. Why not try and catch them while indicating around the corner where there is a nearby pothole? Then when they hit the ground, you would say, "Watch out for the pothole!". Ahh the humor that would bring!
  9. Or as they get near you when walking, whip the right arm up as if you're going to salute but scratch your nose instead. You'll be surprised how many of them salute back. Always give them a smile and say thankyou though, not that I've ever embarrassed a young cadet..I'm far too mature for that :)
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  10. Middy or cadet wind-up but in colling grad any gold rings on a bike where fair game:pirate:
  11. In my time in Dolphin we were warned to look out for ( cant remember the exact due to Thwaits bitter) a small bloke in an overcoat, as it could be Lord Mountbatten, or was it Admiral Hood, anyroad up someone important, this resulted in you chopping one off to any old bloke in an overcoat
  12. Sharkey in situations like that, best to be safe than sorry, and hope the gate staff have limited the tramps on site?:tongue:
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    No doubt the Alverstoke Flasher appreciated the dutiful respect afforded to him by Submariners.
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  14. There were lots in Dolphin who had the look of the gentlemen of the road
  15. Reminds me of duty watch at Dolphin, riding around on a pusser's red that had bar brakes and one pedal. Issued with a night stick (negative strap) and a tin hat (negative liner).. Used to hate checking the theatre as you weren't supposed to turn the lights on and had to lock yourself in, just in case anyone had broken in..feck that, used to leave the doors wedged open so I could leg it.
  16. Used to do the colly club lock up, it was possible to lock yourself in the fire escape, as one duty PO found out, luckely for him there was a pay phone in the stairwell so he had to call colly main gate to come and let him out, after that always wedged the door open with a chair just in case.
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  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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  18. I was in the, 'cross the road to avoid saluting' brigade!

    When in doubt - **** off the other way. Had a bollocking from a Joss when I wuz a junior for not saluting a Subby. Not something I wished to experience twice in one career!
  19. Scruffy bastards in Dolphin? Good grief.
    How could this be given its infested with sludgers?
    Perhaps they spent years trudging about trying to find a bathroom.

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