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What We Are Looking For:
We are looking for a commercially minded engineer to join our sales engineering team. Now, before you click-on because you just heard the word ‘sales’, read on to learn a bit more about why it’s not the kind of stereotypical ‘sales’ that you might be thinking of.

Our marketing team generates the interest and leads of potential customers; these enquiries then get fed to our sales team. This means that the sales engineer ends up with a technical enquiry that needs to be solved - in short you need to use your technical aptitude and background (electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical) to solve the problem.

On an average day you will be expected to do the following:

  • Liaise with customers via phone or email - understanding their problems and then solving their problems with off-the-shelf products that would meet their requirements.
  • Helping develop custom mechanisms for customers where off-the-shelf options won’t suffice.
  • Working with the development engineers to help develop / prove concepts and ideas.
  • Liaising with our Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices to progress custom solutions for customers where these are required.
  • Handling some commercial aspects such as quoting for solutions. It’s worth noting that we have several sales team assistants whose job it is handle the sales admin, so the majority of your time will be spent understanding, researching and then solving customer problems.
  • A career in our sales team is different from other places. We have the modern tools and very streamlined processes compared to other companies. We have a friendly can-do atmosphere, and you’re given the freedom and responsibilities to get the job done without interference. Also, the fruits of your labour will be a mechanism for something that will offer tangible, sometimes life-changing, value and benefits to people throughout the world.
For more information on this position and details on how to apply, please follow the link...

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