Sale Of The Old War Office Building

You have no idea how much time I've wasted since you first posted that.

My internet journey this afternoon has been mental and partially fuelled by home brewed cider.

On that article I noticed that Brompton Tube station is also being sold off, so I read up a bit on that here:

BBC News - London Underground: Brompton tube station up for sale

Wanting to see more phots of the tube station, I ended up on an Urban Exploration site, reading about people who break into old tube stations (and other places) and take photos:

Brompton Road Abandoned Tube Station | Silent UK ? Urban Exploration & Underground Photography

After reading pretty much the whole of that site, including a pretty good bit about exploring some old French warships here: The Atlantic Ghost Fleet | Silent UK ? Urban Exploration & Underground Photography it turns out the lad who writes the site ended up being arrested on one of his adventures. Being a nosey ****er I wanted to know more so I Googled 'Silentuk arrest.'

This threw up a full explanation of the arrest here:

London tunnel explorers in legal battle. - David Icke's Official Forums

At the bottom of the quote it says:
To put this in context the disused stations and tunnels have and will be used for moving people and things across London unseen. Aka missing kids to be used in rituals, global politicans at illuminati rituals during the olympics, and probable disposal of bodies and body parts

I had a 'WTF?' moment after reading that so decided to read up on this David Icke chap. Turns out he's an absolute ****ing nutter who believes the Queen is a reptilian alien:

David Icke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From there I read up on some mad conspiracy theories, turns out there are a lot of mentalists out there who share his views:

Reptilians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New World Order (conspiracy theory) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now my head hurts and I need to go to bed.


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I had a 'WTF?' moment after reading that so decided to read up on this David Icke chap. Turns out he's an absolute ****ing nutter who believes the Queen is a reptilian alien...
I agree David Icke is rather unusual (possibly something to do with living on the Isle of Wight, but I can't substantiate that...) but he is positively the epitome of normality when you read the garbage posted by Andy Kadir-Buxton. I've been aware of this mentalist for a long time. I realise some of you haven't heard of him, and I don't think that's fair. So, for you poor people, I give you The Kadir-Buxton method. ***some pages on this website may be NSFW, depending on your job***

The Kadir-Buxton Method - The Kadir-Buxton Method

(Also, K-B claims to have invented the Tension Sheet - but we all know it was really created by Thickie Holden) :wink:


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If by now you've clicked on his page you’re probably sitting there right now shaking your head and assuming that Andrew Kadir-Buxton must be taking the piss.

Rest assured, he’s not. He’s endearingly, genially mental. Completely and utterly hatstand. He believes he’s some kind of genius inventor who spends his time studying either mental illness or, for a bit of light relief, fannies. Once he’s had a good think about the subject’s fanny and/or illness, he comes up with a “solution”. The solution is always the same and involves slapping the poor ****er round the face.

I’m also fairly convinced that, whenever he’s not slapping someone or cheerily assaulting their growler, he’s watching the news and failing to distinguish between "things that happened somewhere in the world today" and "things that Andrew Kadir-Buxton accomplished today".

I think he should be given an honorary membership to RR. Or perhaps he's already here? I can think of a few possible likely candidates... :twisted:

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