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Sale of ex married quarters


War Hero
When I left the navy in 1985 it was common practice for married quarters that were no longer required for service personnel to be offered for sale to serving members of the armed forces. Does this still happen?
I live very close to Arborfield the REME training establishment. Some years ago a large number of ex married quarters were offered for sale by a private company, though serving personnel were given a discount I think that they would have been charged a lot less if they had been available through MOD


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All sales are handled by Annington Homes who are selling on quarters at vast profits. I got moved out of a quarter in Rowner because it was being sold and when I asked if we (and others in the road)could buy direct and stay in the house, the answer was no, you must join the queue. I was away at sea at the time of sale so didn't get a chance because the ex couldnt camp out due to looking after my daughter
Service personnel used to be able to buy a day early than the general public not sure if thats the case now
Some people were camping out for 6weeks, alot of them were doleys being paid to queue by private landlords because the day after the general sale St Nicholas Road was festooned with 'to let'signs
Annington's say they carry out improvements, but from what I could see the improvements consisted of recarpetting and using blue paint instead of magnolia
Yet another example of a private company taking the piss out of the MOD's commercial naivity and the ordinary servicemen missing out yet again
Still on a brighter note, I split up from the ex just after leaving the RN so I would of lost the house anyway


War Hero
I remember seeing a programme a while back about Rowner.It looked like a Ghetto,places boarded up,graphitti looked like the place was just going to rack and ruin as the Civvy owners were reluctant to put any money back into the place.A crying shame.
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