Saints & Sinners fancy dress

Being the highly popular and social chap that I am, I have been invited to a Saints & Sinners themed ball this weekend. I am having a little trouble coming up some decent inspiration for a costume and would like some advice please.

My ideas so far include,

Fritzl - Stick on eyebrows, gash wig and dodgy wonky tash, this might not be obvious enough for the masses.

Gandhi - Shaved head (I am bald and skinny anyway) glasses, bedsheet and sandals. Very easy and possibly the best option so far.

Gary Glitter - This would be awesome but I may have difficulty finding so much silver spandex at such short notice.

Hitler - Too obvious, there will definitely be someone else there who has had the same idea.

Harold Shipman - White coat, stethascope, stick on beard and some glasses. This one is becoming more appealing by the minute.

Any more ideas?
If you have the brown boot polish and can sit cross legged, then go for Ghandi, in life he seemed to attract pretty young memsahibs and with just the sheet you are well prepared, as long as you can untie the knot.


Lantern Swinger
The Gary Glitter idea is awesome,sure you haven't already got some silver spandex just waiting to come out at a moment like this?!

I have a fancy dress party too this weekend-theme is object, character or anything beginning with L or W. I am also struggling with what to go as at the moment!
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