Saint Mark

Saint Mark is out in his boat fishing on the Sea Of Galillee when he hears "MARK, MARK!". Oh, he thinks The Lord is calling me. He rows to the shore as fast as he can and is looking up and down the beach for Jesus but can't see him anywhere, but can stll hear him calling, "MARK, MARK!". He runs up the sand dunes still no sign, "MARK, MARK!". He runs on into the desert till he comes to a little oasis, with a palm tree and a small pool of water. Under the palm tree is an old wooden shed with the door nailed shut, and from the shed is coming "MARK, MARK, MARK!". Bloody hell, thinks Saint Mark, some bastard has locked The Lord in that shed. "MARK, MARK"!.Summoning all his strength, he rips open the shed door and there stood a dog with a hare lip!
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