Sailors who served in Libya among Royal Navy job cuts.


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Isn't there more than just a tad of "so what" in all this hype. I mean, it's not a good thing (to my simple mind) that we're being forced to downsize and I haven't really bothered to look at how we're working out the numbers/types of people we need to reduce but we all know its going to happen and its inevitable that somewhere along the line we in probability will lose people who are currently sitting on the few sleek grey messengers of death we have remaining.

On a similar tack I was listening with slack jawed amazement at someone yesterday spouting that they couldn't see how we could still be recruiting, surely if we just didn't recruit we could stop having to make redundancies and it would save MoD cash!! I was going to butt in and point out the flaw but realised I'd be wasting my breath.....they live amongst us!


I don't get the outrage myself, civvies spazzing out because someone has a Herrick gong or have just been to Libya. What difference does it make? If you're in the bracket, it doesn't matter.


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Sounds like AB Bloggs (who was probably a barrack stanchion anyway) was hacked off because he was put in the pot and started blathering on to some random journo, which soon became "news" [sic]. :oops:

When I learn that the 2007-2009 World Uckers Champion or the "Brown Wings" Award Winner 2010 are among those facing redundancy, then I'll start giving a shit.

Life's a bitch - suck it up and deal with it. :roll:


As forums sagacious one stated, 'It’s a shit sandwich and we will all have to take a bite of it'.


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From the BBC link,
Dozens of sailors from HMS Cumberland, which rescued Britons from Libya in February, could be affected, along with those on other ships that took part.
Could be affected. Not will be, not shall be affected. So the BBC don't know either. Wait until Friday.
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