Sailor's hat with Bow Wave

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Always_a_Civvy, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Its way too clean!
  2. Isn't that the old style wren cap? If not it's similar :?
  3. I dont think so,the rear isnt shallow enough. A stern view would help.
  4. And whoever tied the Bow is crap
  5. It's not right , loved my cap in the 70s , fit like a glove it did ,
  6. Anyone remember the name of the the tailor that jack bought most of his kit from? Their caps were brills, the brims were nice and soft, not like the pusser's issue that had brims like sheet steel. 8O :? 8)
  7. There were a number of naval tailors and they were all rip off merchants.
    Jack Blair (just look at that surname) and Bernards were two of them.
    Occiffers of course had Gieves.
  8. Looks home made to me.
  9. Looking at it closely i think its a foreign one, dutch perhaps.
  10. I had a hat like that! But the bow IS crap - Not 'at all tddley!!
    Looks as if someone's pinched the "Sprazzey" from the centre!
  11. Kind of looks like a Kriegsmarine one from Germany.
  12. That can't be a Brit one? Unless somethings changed since i wuz in!!! 8O

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