Sailors gassed on board HMS Illustrious


Kinda reminds me of the week we spent on the INVC a couple of years ago showering and drinking dieso-tainted water.

We were assured it was safe by the stokers but no-one was smoking right after taking a shower!


Something similar happened tome on a polaroid on patrol, during a fire exercise we all had to don EBS masks, after a few minutes people were dangling unconcious from the pipework or having fits, somebody had turned the wrong valve and we were breathing nitrogen i think rather than air. sorry details are a bit sparse.Cant remember which boat but I was MCC so think it was Revenge. :roll:
I wonder if they were using the INM cleared products for the task or some DLO inspired "it will do" stuff?

Boulmer's QRA Sea Kings are optimised for CASEVACs and there's no knowing what mix of rotary assets were embarked and at what readiness.
dhobyitch said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
I see someone's taken the Knobby Hall song too literally... perhaps an officer seeking revenge...,,2035254,00.html

Poor lads. Let's hope their memories of good times aren't bleached out! :grin:

Can vaguely remember the song. Was it CTC and something about a Wardroom Fan?


Knobby Hall a young OD
Cleaned his suit in CTC
He hung it in the Mess to dry
His oppo lay asleep nearby
And all night long the fumes arose
And drifted up his oppo's nose.
When the Shaket's voice was heard
There was one that did not stir
Knobby wept and whaled no end
To think that he'd just killed his best friend.
The funeral was a grand affair
The RNBT rep was there.
So sailors please be ruled (?) by me
If you clean your suit in CTC
Always ttake the greatest care
To hang it in the open air
But much better if you can
Hang it by a Wardroom Fan!!!