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sailors costume

I’ve always wondered why naval officers dress themselves with dignity and then let their men swan around like scranbags in a sailors outfit? Apparently hundreds of years ago the hands were told to sort themselves out an improvement over the rags that they wore, they were thrown a pile of surge material and told to get to it. Unfortunately they thought must use all the material or suffer the dreaded thrashing of the cat of nine tails or keel hauling, hence the bell bottom trousers with a large flap at the front if the toilet was needed. The collar was there to prevent the sailors pigtails contaminating his back with tar, the lanyard was to hold a penknife so he could cut himself free of the rigging in a storm, the silk thingie was to stop the sweat running in his eyes after a heavy night of rum, bum and baccy in the old mess deck in the hold. The hat, god knows the origins of that, it’s an exact facsimile of the old milk churn lids that were redundant in the sixties, underneath all this clutter was the most horrible itchy woollen jumper. This is the costume that naval officers are happy to see their men parading about in today. The reason for this drivel is a few weeks ago I saw most bizarre sight, a young girl in a jolly jacks costume, what a shock to the system, years ago the WRNS always looked smart with jackets shirts and ties, I can only assume that command considers that if you dress your workers as simpletons, they act the same and then your control over then is absolute.


War Hero
LOL Its called PROGRESS apparently.The WRNS are dead so they just stuck the girlies in a Blue Suit!Bizarre isnt it?
I though sailor's pork pie hats were specially designed so that matelots could smuggle cigarettes on board in the days when it was banned on account of being too young. Alternately, inverted, they could be used in an emergency to bale out water from a boat or as a tray for carrying things around, such as 3 cans or 4 bottles of beer...


Book Reviewer
Huff you missed the sussies and black nylons :oops:

AAC, wrong Navy, Yanks wear pork pies hats, never heard them called that in the RN
janner said:
Huff you missed the sussies and black nylons :oops:

AAC, wrong Navy, Yanks wear pork pies hats, never heard them called that in the RN

My apologies Janner. :eek: I shall amend that to pusser head containers. :lol:

percey99 said:
ASK any gay man in POMPEY which uniform he likes to see sailors kicking off ???

Just in Pompey? Well you know the answer to that one... :lol:
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