Sailors' Breathalyser?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by t_mantis, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. A mate who used to be in the Navy years ago told me about a gag that he called the Sailors' Breathalyser. He described it as a brass tube with a propeller attached, the idea being that you challenge someone to blow down the tube to make the propeller spin round. When you demonstrate it, you secretly keep your finger over a hole somewhere on the tube. When it's given to someone else to try, they get covered in soot or talcum powder that blows out when the hole isn't covered.

    I'm trying to get hold of one for a present. Anyone know where I could buy one? Anybody heard of it before??

  2. They have been in the Chief messes of most ships I have been on. You dont keep your finger over a hole on them, although I'm not willing to divulge exactly how they work on here. I think they are usually made on board, but will enquire for you
  3. Oh yes, I remember those!
    One looked like an arrowhead basically, one tube that you blew into with two tubes bending around back towards your face (or something like that?).
    I'm sure that they were made onboard though :)
  4. I would think twice if a grizzled old Chief ask me to my to put gums around any sort of tube! :( you could find you self covered in something more than soot and talcum powder!!! :oops:

    or am I being over cautious. ?
  5. One of the lads onboard makes them, he was taught by his old man who learnt int' pits! Even if you know the secret there is still a worry the first time you blow on it!
  6. Ah so they do exist then! I wasn't sure whether my mate was having me on...

    Next question: anybody know where I could get hold of one? Does anybody know someone who would make me one?

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