Sailorly Songs whilst on the Runs

...No not those sort of runs stupid... Rum Ration Runs...

Fletch has warned those of us going for a trot down Whitehall via her watering holes, that we must sing to the civvies! Eek! Now of course all you real sailor types will know what to expect and what this entails, but us lifelong civvies are unsure if this means Christmas Carols, Ribald Rugger songs, Wet Water polo gurgles or Sea Shanties... or does it mean Shep Woolley type singalongs like 'Ram it I'm RDP' [Ram what? Where? How? - or is Shep into Sheep? :shock: :wink: :lol: ]

Please Real Sailors, Civvy needs guidance...
Ribald Rugger songs that were originally matelot songs along with Shep Wooley stuff

There once was a lad called Aladin
He had a magic lamp
He stole it off a sailor who'd bought it of a tramp
and though he's been there rubbing to see what he could get
Well he's rubbed and he's rubbed and he's rubbed and he's rubbed
and he aint got F*** all yet

Oh fala la la la fiddle diddle dee
sixteen anna's is one ruppee
Feed of AR*E in the west country
Cor bugger Janner

The Sultan said to Aladin My palace you will paint
Alandin like a big OD said no I F**ki*g aint
and then he took a one inch brush and a pot of black enamel
and he stuffed it up the Ar**le of the Sultans favourite camel

etc etc

Jack McHammocklashing RO9


War Hero
The lobster song
The preacher in the Dockyard church
The alphabet song
There were three crows
The old sod
We're the twins ting-a-ling-a-ling
Old King Cole
Aggie's on the shit shute
Barnacle Bill the Sailor
A is for ------- (recitation)



War Hero
That's the Lobster Song chorus NZ bootie.

Add the following:-

Digging up Father's grave
Eton boating song
A matelot and a pongo
Me no likee English sailor
Come and join the spare crew
Walking thro' the Dockyard in a panic (Medley)
Limericks (That was a very good song). Good one this! When the instigator runs out of verses, anyone can join in with one of his own.

Incidentally, I can remember SOME of the words to MOST of the above (and see previous post), should anyone require them. Between us we could probably fill in the gaps.

Perhaps we need to ask Uncle Albert to write us a Rum Ration Song (to celebrate belatedly our First Anniversary)?

In the meantime we still have songs like Nobby Hall...

Nobby Hall a young OD cleaned his suit in CTC
he hung it in the Mess to dry, his oppo lay asleep nearby
and all night long the fumes arose and drifted up his oppos nose.

When the Shaker's voice was heard, there was one that did not stir
Nobby wept and wailed no end, to think that he killed his best friend
The funeral was a grand affair the RNBT rep was there.

So sailors please be ruled by me if your suit in CTC
always take the greatest care to hang it in the open air
but must better if you can, hang it by a Wardroom fan!
I can remember when we were at Raleigh we went on some exped, I think Tregantle or similar, where one of the instructors taught us a song - I think it's the "engineers song" but I can only remember a bit of it - anyone finish if off for me...

I once knew an engineer before he died
Pa Rum Titty Bum Titty Bum Titty Bum
I once knew an engineer before he died
His wife was never satisfied
Pa Rum Titty Bum Titty Bum Titty Bum

So he bought her a cock of steel,
Pa Rum Titty Bum Titty Bum Titty Bum
So he bought her a cock of steel
It was driven by a fcuking great wheel
Pa Rum Titty Bum Titty Bum Titty Bum

The fcuking great wheel was driven by steam
Pa Rum Titty Bum Titty Bum Titty Bum
The fcuking great wheel was driven by steam
It's big brass balls were filled with cream
Pa Rum Titty Bum Titty Bum Titty Bum

Anyone know the rest please????


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Book Reviewer
I think this site is quite exhaustive:

Navy Songs and Ditties

Who Am I -
Barry E. Scott is both the Editor and Author of this site. He Served in the Royal Navy between 1964 and 1993, retiring as a Chief Petty Officer . During his time in the Andrew, he collected the Naval Ditty Songs that were being sung around him. Since 1980, he has been actively contacting other ex RN's for assistance in preserving the songs and ditties of the Navy for future generations and has amassed information on several hundred items from biographical sources.

I new the bloke from the "Cillit Bang" advert was an ex-matelot! Does anyone know if he's a RR member?



Engineers Song
Ah-hum, titty-bum, titty-bum, titty-bum,
An engineer told me before he died,
Ah-hum, ah-hum.
An engineer told me before he died,
I have no reason to believe he lied,
Ah-hum, titty-bum, titty-bum, titty-bum,
Ah-hum, titty-bum, titty-bum, titty-bum.
An engineer told me before he died,
And I have no reason to believe that he lied,

(Chorus) That no matter whatever he tried,
His girlfriend was never satisfied!

(Chorus) That girl she had a C#%$ so wide
She could never be satisfied,

(Chorus) The engineer was a designer,
Measured the bore of her vagina,

(Chorus) Then he built her a C#%K of steel,
Powered by a bloody great wheel,

(Chorus) Yes he built a bloody great wheel,
Two brass balls and a @#%$ of steel

(Chorus) Two balls of brass were filled with cream,
And the whole bloody issue was driven by steam.

(Chorus) He tied his girl to the leg of the bed,
Tied her hands above her head,

(Chorus) There she lay demanding a @#%$,
He shook her hand and wished her luck,

(Chorus) Round and round went the bloody great wheel,
In and out went the @#%$ of steel,

(Chorus) Up and up went the level of steam,
Down and down went the level of cream.

(Chorus) Till at last the maiden cried,
"Enough! Enough! I am satisfied!"

(Chorus) Now we come to the tragic bit,
There was no way of stopping it,

(Chorus) It went like the piston of a train,
He should have fitted a gearing chain,

(Chorus) Clouds of steam blew out the top,
There wasn't a way to make it stop,

(Chorus) She was split from ass to tit,
And the whole Fu*&%ng thing was covered in S#1t

(Chorus) The warning in the story is,
Always fit a safety switch,

(Chorus) The crux of the matter is plain to be seen,
You should never trust a @#%$ MACHINE!

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