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  1. Am deployed so allowed to open Christmas presents early.

    A mate has got me the DVD of 'Sailor' from Ark in the 1970s.

    From watching the first 10 mins, it's amazing how the quality of women in strip bars has improved. The first "scene" is in Diamond Lils and features the smallest tits, most abundant cellulite and hairiest bushes I've seen for a while.

    I know it was Lils (and I've heard stories…) but ****ing hell it looks grim!
  2. Yep, that's the Lil's I knew, even had a dwarf stripper my oppo nailed :)
  3. You bounder sir, you are talking about the women we old farts loved:frustrated:
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  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lil's was grim, but that was the secret of its appeal! Great fun!
  5. It was grim, and got even grimmer when your Cox'n and Chief stoker got up and joined in with the midnight stripper!

    No names, no pack drill, but they know who they are!
  6. Now come on and admit it, how many of you declared yourselves to be Diamond Lills Virgins when Ronnie Potter asked, and how many times did you get your head between the strippers tits that Ronnie had just coated with baby Oil?
  7. Resurrection of an ancient thread.

    I have a copy of the series on DVD and I would like it to go to a home where it would be appreciated (rather than some chod MusicMagpie type of site). It's packed in one of my many boxes after a move, so I do need to locate it, but if anyone is interested, they can have it for free. (Pompey based can have it delivered by hand)
  8. Would a donation to RNRMC be ok to secure the DVD?
  9. Yeah, happy with that. I'll have a look for it and have it ready by Friday.
  10. Damn you digger, you're just too quick of the keyboard for me,;)
  11. SAR, just remember the Yoof are a lot quicker than the Old and Bold's ;-)

    Cheers Licker I am Gosport side, but send it through Pussers Mail to my ship if that is easier?
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  12. Would have thought as a Naval Medico,You would be well used to the bizarre....;)
  13. Lil’s was in a bizarre place all of its own, some of them strippers were no ladies, not even female?
  14. Your first visit to Lil's was a coming of age ritual, never to be forgotten!

    I must be seriously aging, I still have my copy of "Sailor" on VHS & still have a VHS recorder/player, ideal watching for a wet winters evening accompanied by a bottle of Pussers blue label.

    It's also jogged my memory, anyone have any news/updates on Tom Wilkinson?
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