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  1. After catching some youtube glimpses of this (seemingly) quality documentary filmed on HMS Ark Royal in 1976, I've been trying in vain to find a torrent or download source. The DVD itself costs about £150 from private collectors so I was wondering if any one has got this ripped onto their computer and is willing to share? I also saw it available for hire on LoveFilm, just waiting for a person of benificense to rent and rip for the education and betterment of stingy gi... I mean the deserving poor. :wink:
  2. I'm as shocked as you are to see that there is a MarketPlace Seller on Amazon offering the DVD for £150! How do they calculate that price?

    I can see, however, that other Amazon sellers are offering the video for a much better price; if you can get access to a video recorder, that might keep you ticking over for a while until you get it in the format you want.
  3. Children its for free!!!!!!!! Download it on to 3 discs from When you join the site :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You need to register to join the site - if open registration is not being offered due to the membership limit having been reached, you can still join if you're invited by an exisiting member. Any probs, let me know since I have a few spare invitations kicking around (and a downloaded copy of Sailor too!).

    edited to add:

    Anyone who wants an invitation, PM me with their real-world email address
  5. I'm so poor I don't even have a telly to plug the VHS player into :roll:

    Luckily these gentlemen showed up with The Box - which I have joined without any trouble, thank you FlagWagger. More invitations for others, what!

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