Sailor TV series

sgtpepperband said:
fly_past said:
Why not write to the BBC/ITV who made the film, they should have one copy they could send you.... for a nominal fee

Hehe, yeah I can just see it now:

"Dear BBC

A mate of mine recently burned an illegal copy of your famous '70s TV series, "Sailor". Unfortunately the selfish git forgot to copy the cover for me. Therefore please can you breach copyright and send me one? I promise I won't tell anyone if you don't... :wink:

Fanx" :thumright:


lol is it a fake his got?
sgtpepperband said:
Well unless Chaz explains how he "recently obtained a copy [...]without a cover" I will assume that is the case... :wink:

Ive got the 3 disc one but he has only one disc how does it all manage to be on that?

5HR'S and something


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Chico: Where does he say he has only got one disc?! He says he has 'a copy'... anyway, it is possible to get 5 hours or so data on to a DVD, if it is in the right format.

Anyway, Nigaramus has sent him a copy; therefore "return and stow all gear..." :roll:


It's 3 discs and I pick it up in a blank case at a car boot for £3, they look ok to me and certainly work fine!
Actually to put things into perspective, when I bought the BBC documentary 'The Youngest Sailors' off John Douglas I paid him considerably less than the BBC charge for copies. The BBC charge £150 a copy in administration fees, but their video's work. The one John D sent me doesn't work and I cannot get a reply from him when I've requested a replacement! Not impressed!