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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rolling-stone, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently 1.5 years waiting into joining the RN CIS branch, with a possible date of next august but nothing confirmed.
    Anyway recently I've been getting quite deep in thought about what I'm going to be signing up for and if it's right for me now. I've developed quite a passion for fitness since applying for the RN which has got stronger and stronger.
    I now worry that within the RN there isn't going to be much opportunity to maintain a high level of fitness etc, I mean no doubt it is quite difficult once onboard a ship. I also worry about the lack of excitement within the branch I've chosen.
    I am aware the RM is a complete change of lifestyle to the RN and is fitness at its most extreme. But I can imagine it to be highly rewarding too and lots of opportunity for adventure and training.
    My main worry is attempting the RM and failing due to injury or such and losing my job.
    Anyway a few qs:
    When in the RN is there any possiblity of attempting to join the RM
    How many people fail RM training due to injury
    Will I have to redo all my tests that I've pass├ęd for the RN eg rt, medical problem just wondering
    What standard of fitness is recommended before even attempting to join? I mean I could do the RM pjft but should I be running 5,10 milers etc?
    Do you pull fitter birds in the RM?
    Job prospects after - must be considered these days. How employable is a marine after your career? How employable is a RN CIS Rating? Even if say you'd be in for 10 years in either trade.

    Any answers and opinions greatly appreciated
  2. For f*cks sake- if you want to join the RM, then do so. Don't waste yours or the RN's time by joining up if you're only going to mank. You can't 'transfer' between the RN to RM, that's a bit of a myth. There might be opportunities for you as a CIS rating after a few years to work with 3 Cdo Bde, and perhaps even gain a green lid, but don't expect it to happen.

    Someone who really wanted to become a bootneck would have the attitude to just get on with it and apply. The possibilities of injury etc wouldn't be something you should worry about right now.
  3. Since when? Has it changed?

    My mate did, he was a seaman radar years back and left the RM after 22, lives in Deal Kent now.
  4. What a load of shit, of course you can transfer to the booties I know of at least three people over the years that have done it.
  5. Look when I applied for the RN at the time that's what I wanted, I still do infact, but ive also gained confidence in myself and my fitness in these 1.5 years and think I may enjoy pushing myself harder, and taking it to the front line.
    I do worry about the failure(knowing full well it's not the best attitude) but when I've got a child to pay for and I'm already in a full time job I have to consider these options carefully.
    I had a suspicion of being able to work with the RM or even get a green lid within the CIS branch so that sounds good.
    What are the sporting and fitness opportunities like within the RN(honestly, not brochure answers) After watching Alot of the c5 docs and such most seem a bit overweight and not the fitness type am I right here or not
  6. Regards fitness. The mob provide the facilities it's up to individuals how far they take their personal fitness beyond that required of the service.
  7. -----------------------------------------------------------------


    Simples - PM Welchyy and arrange application swapabouts.
  8. Had a matelot in my Troop in training who'd seen the light and wanted to be a God of War and Sexual Artiste par excellance, so it's not a myth.
    Fitness levels required are far above what is required for Jacks apart from MCDs.
    Only go this route if you're absolutely certain you want to be a Bootneck, if you're considering it just to beat the wait you'll more than likely come to grief as it takes more than just fitness to get through.
  9. As NZB tends to beat around the bush, I'll get straight to the point - how do you feel about cross dressing and pain?
  10. I cross dress most weekends while taking it from behind so I'm good with both.

    I really can't decide what to go for RN or RM. God I bet I'm pissing some of you off. But yeah I'm just being honest. They're both so different I know but both have plus and negatives for me.
    What is promotion like in the RM and future employability??
  11. Far from it.

    Haven't had a chopper like you on here for days.
  12. A great many of the RM's I know left after 22 happy to have been a Marine. Promotion is there but a corporal or sergeant isn't a Marine if you see my point!
  13. Promotion should be fairly good, as they're all leaving to go and do well paid maritime security stuff with pirates (are we back to cross-dressing again??).
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Promotion in the Royal Marines is not for the faint hearted and it's costly. Obviously, mess kit springs to mind but what of the dresses? You have to move from mini skirts and plunge tops/Next evening dresses (Up to the rank of Corporal) to off the shoulder numbers (Senior NCO's) to bloody full on ball gowns and cocktail dresses (Warrant Officers). As for the RSM, well he has to look like Marlene Deitrich. As for accesories and heels, you can claim this back only if overseas.
  15. It's not so much a transfer, more a sort of leave one gang and then join another get a new contract, terms of reference etc. dependant upon availability, being spared, circumstances etc etc...
  16. I just did a 3 miler in 23 mins and I was pretty fooked. I think I'm gonna hold off the marine idea for the mo, keep training towards it and see how much improvement I get into the new year
  17. Thanks really helpful reply.
    Yeah I've become a bit more aware about the strength needed to do it. And although I think I could, I'm not at that stage yet. Not miles away. Re assess in the new year
  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is there and RMR unit near you - that would be a good starting point.
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    My "future employability" as you put it, since leaving the Marines has been star-studded, windswept and global.

    Fcuk all to do with what I did in the Corps though. Give it a miss fella, you wont make it. You might get selected but all you'll do is deny someone that wants it a place. It's not just about running on flat roads and looking good in the gym. If you truly wanted to be a bootneck you'd already know by now, it's not a fall back position because Jack isn't recruiting fast enough for you.
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