Yeah - you should read some of the crap he was getting off the Army on ARRSE. It is evident that too many people believe the 1st un-corroborated media report of something and then pass comment. The Sun new CVF story is another example.

Still, hope he shagged the weathergirl :twisted:
Sorry Felix Carman??? TWAT!!! If only you could have kept your mouth shut like faye and beany?? Weatherman? Stick your head out the bloody window in the morning???
Freed Swansea sailor Felix Carman has rubbished forecasts he could quit army life
Has he gone Pongo - sideways entry then during his 2 week compassionate?

Reminds me of when you'd tell some civvy that you were in the Royal Navy and they'd turn around and say, "so how long have you been in the Army then".

Still hope he rattled the weathergirl AND RAS'd her knickers for the mess gronk board... (actually think he's a pig so it would be the wardroom's gronk board - if there was any room left!).
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