Sailor dies on a night out


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ROYAL Navy rating aged just 21 has died after tragedy struck on a night out with pals.

Steven Moule, an operator mechanic aboard HMS Illustrious, was discovered in the mud by a passer-by at 8.30am on Saturday.

It is believed that Steven, of Hawkesmoor Road, Bewbush, accidentally fell into a stream in Walton, Essex, after a night out in the area with his mates.

He was chosen for the Navy because of his high IQ and senior officers dubbed him "highly intelligent" in reports and predicted a successful career.

His devastated mum Dawn said: "Steven did not know the area where he died. They had all been drinking. He got split from the group, took the wrong turn and ended up in the river. They told us it was minus 8ºC.

RIP Steven.


That awful, when I was onboard the mighty 108 BM duty one night needed me to pull chunks out of an RO's mouth whilst he was asleep, needless to msay none of his mates int the silly little mess deck they use to have were awake to deal