Sailor Dies in Plymouth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lamri, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. A 30 year old Matelot was found in Union Street yesterday evening. All attempts to help him unfortunately failed.

    He is as yet unnamed.

    This is Plymouth Link

    Rest In Peace Shipmate.
    Condolences to those he has left behind.
  2. Sad news
  3. I always find these things have an added poignency at this time of year, but indeed very sad for his family. Lets hope that there were no nefarious circumstances.
  4. Not good news and RIP buddy.
  5. RIP Shipwreck!
  6. He's just been named as LET Brent Andrews off the Sutherland.

    Link here.
  7. Lots of tributes to him on the Herald web site, well thought of in the community.
    Always sad to read of another matelot crossing the bar. RIP, Shipmate.
  8. Yeah, but its a shame that the "Voice of Plymouth" can't even get simple facts right regarding ranks and rates in the mob. No such thing as an Electrical Technician. Its just laziness, and not the first time either. They make this type of mistake quite often in that rag.

    Couple on their have asked about a matelot being around there alone. Without the facts I suppose we can't really say much about it, but I would be quite saddened to hear if he's been allowed to bimble off in a state if it was a run ashore.
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Seems very sad. He's from the Caribbean, one of his mates from home works for me, apparently the guy's not known for being an OD at all.
  10. I was in ARGYLL with the then MEM Andrews a few years ago - very sad to hear of his sudden death. RIP Shippers.
  11. RIP Shippers , very sad news , thoughts with his Family & Oppos ....
  12. Tucked away at the bottom of Page 27 of the "Scum":
    "Navy sailor Brent Andrews, 30, has been found dead on a traffic island after a boozing session in Plymouth, Devon."
    The Serviceman's paper ? Love to know where they found that from, especially as the post-mortem wasn't due to be held this morning. Lying journo toe rags.
  13. I detest journalists especially lazy ones.

    RIP to Brent Andrews and thoughts for his friends and family.
  14. Well if the post mortem doesn't support a heavy boozing session as a contributory factor in his death then his family will be on a strong platform for a defamation of character law suit against the newspaper and the journalist in question.

    About time journos started reflecting on their civic duty to put the FACTS in front of people rather than just jumping with both feet onto the "scandal sells papers" bandwagon
  15. Actually not; you cannot slander or libel someone who is dead - irrespective of the harm and distress it causes their family.

    The paper would have a moral duty to put it right if what it wrote was wrong, but no legal duty to do so. But when has Fleet Street ever done the moral thing...
  16. Bugger - didn't realise that - you live and learn eh - thanks Asst_Ed

    I did know that journos have no morals though!
  17. What a complete bunch of :censored: - It's a bit different when somebody gets drunk constantly and is stoned up to their eye-balls everyday of the week and are on as much benefits as possible dies because of a drug/alcohol over-dose. If thats their choice then they dont receive a great deal of respect in my opinion - But when a decent, young, serving matelot apparently dies because he had been on 'a boozing session' when no-body yet know what the circumstances were is a complete outrage. :pissedoff:

    My thoughts go to his family - RIP Shipmate

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