Sailor (1976 BBC Documentary)

only a wee nipper then!! I have seen yes thankyou I have also seen a reunion he went to last year seems a bit unreal to see him when i am related to him and i have never sopken to him. Its driving me mad now dont think I will ever find him dont know why now at 31 I am trying


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The Captain was promoted to Rear Admiral and following retirement was, I believe, the top man in the RNLI. I knew him when, as a Commander, he was the Captain of HMS Tartar. A great guy!
LA Twinkle Powell is still around, after falling on bad times. He has attended a couple of our reunions.
The skipper was Wilfred Graham, and the FMAA was Tom Wilkinson, Tom has also been to one or two of our do's.
Afraid I can't help you with the rest.
I do have the BBC casstte of the music from the series though.
was on the trip,Bi centennial year independance day JULY 4 1776-1976 in in Lauderdale was something else,Big wilf, was a very quiet skipper, saw the 'years later bit', Twinks found out the hard way,life in civvy st ,can be tough, did not know he was banged up tho.
I used to help out on the ships telly in the studio, John Pooley ( wilf the puppet)wasn' t a RM:in the trade terminology of the day he was a REM, Radio electrical mechanic.
Sorry to hear the CDR,crossed the bar so soon after the series.
Afraid the joss having a sob,over what was left of ARK, left me wincing, its metal pure an simples,but it was the Crew who grafted to make it work,and as they say we will never see its like again, by that gentlemen i mean, acres of armour on the side,armoured flight deck,armoured hangar doors,steam catapults, and arrestor gear, 4 boiler rooms, 4 engine rooms, 4 gear rooms,and a crew of 3000. No doubt the new carriers will be something else,an the planes will be a real bonus.
Watched first two DVDs today (6 episodes) brilliant.

Bought the box set from a crab at work for a fiver.

Really weird as I joined 9 years after, apart from the fashion and the Death Star sized ship nothing had really changed.


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I made a Facebook page a few years back, it's pretty healthy with loads of ex R09 members and documentary fans.

Take a look!

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He was well known and is often quoted for calling the Ark his "War Canoe"
I was a submariner when the series was on, and boy did I hate reggies. But that man amazed me, he deserved everyones respect. Changed my attitude towards the reggi branch overnight, although i realised he was the exception.
RoofRat, is that the tape with "fly Robin fly" on it. If so does us a favour, can you post the tape number/barcode, I loaned my copy out years ago and it didn't come home. Cheers

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It is a "BBC Cassettes" the only number I can find is ZCR 318. Stereo. Don,t think Bar Codes were used much in 1978.
Fly Robin Fly is one of the tracks. Best heard in loud stereo as a Phantom F4 screams across the speakers left to right before the song.
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Been watching 'Warship' HMS Illustrious & HMS Ocean with my lad who's in the process of joining up. Then introduced him to the 'Sailor' series - pleased to say it didn't put him off - wink. A fantastic series with some great characters - cheers to 'Our Sailors'
Regret to inform those who may not be aware of the passing of Big Wilf earlier this month. Ark Royal Communicators group have made a donation to the RNLI in his memory.
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