Sailor (1976 BBC Documentary)

Discussion in 'History' started by Jimbo3188, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Ok, I'm obsessed with Sailor. I have it on DVD. I love it. Its great.

    Hopefully lots of you will agree.

    What I really want to know - is "where are they now?"

    I cant even find much info on their names, but the crew that the BBC focused on included:

    The skipper
    The jimmy
    The FMAA
    The older LA that liked the ladies
    The RM that had that puppet "wilf"
    The padre
    The MO that went to rescue that US sailor
    The subbie that became a pilot

    Plus many others!

    I'd love to know where they are now - please share with everyone if you know!


  2. me too.
    i have a 4 video box set that has 2 follow ups.
    don't know if you have that
    skipper went outside and became top man of RNLI
    master went outside and gardened
    twinkle powell got married ,jailed and divorced
    wilfs uncle became a coastguard
    thats about as much as i know.
    great to watch with a wet; real airpower. :wink:
  3. The padre was an Irish guy name of Jim I think his surname was Macormac known as Father Jim to all and sundry. Great bloke used to loan his 8mm projector to various messes so they could watch the films (blue variety) Always used to ask what the film was. If it was one he hadn't seen he would personally deliver said projector if he had seen it you collected it from his cabin.
    Heineken don't do Padre's but if they did it would be Father Jim.
  4. I though the padre's surname was Marshall?

    (Although there were 3 on board - this is the one that featured in the film).

  5. I'm obsessed with Sailors too!... :D :lol: Oops, you mean the the Ark? :wink: Ah yes, I have it on Video and DVD. I remember the Leading Hand who was always getting into trouble for not acting his age/rank. There was the guy who married an American then got divorced... the MAA telling people off for having their shirts outside their trousers before runs ashore... :lol: and that Kate Bush impersonation in the original TV series which seems to have been largely edited out of the video version, as with the Matelot's Version of the Magic Roundabout (much better than the original). My late Uncle knew a rating on board Ark at the time... now an ossifer... but have lost contact, but in 1976 I was only 13 so it didn't impress me quite as much as it does now! :oops:
  6. i know the lady in the prt where the FMAA goes home, she used to run the pet shop in castle cary, and after i saw it i asked her and she remembered the fleet joss and has stayed in touch with him when he moved away
  7. I still have my Line (commisioning) book for the Ark Royal and thought I might be able to get a few names to put to titles. However unlike the previous commisioning book the format had been changed, it is topped up with photographs many of which were donated by members of the ships company.
    Skippers name was Captain Graham
  8. LA Twinkle Powell is still around, after falling on bad times. He has attended a couple of our reunions.
    The skipper was Wilfred Graham, and the FMAA was Tom Wilkinson, Tom has also been to one or two of our do's.
    Afraid I can't help you with the rest.
    I do have the BBC casstte of the music from the series though.
  9. Cheers for the replies so far guys!

    Keep them coming!

    It would be nice to know they are all still with us.

  10. Tom and Twinkle are both alive.
  11. I was in a couple of the episodes , in the last one I was seen walking down the gangway on our return to Guzz with a Donald Duck under my arm for my son , the Matelot that married the American then got divorced was a Killick Steward at the time , dont know what hes doing now , happy day's indeed , the cameraman for the series was married to the actress Nerys Hughes , :D
  12. my dad was in that documentary ( filmed just 2 years before I was born!)
  13. Well congratulations to him on becoming a Rear Admiral!

    No idea what "Director General of the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre at Shrivenham" is, but there we go.

  14. You know how to make most of us feel OLD! :wink:
  15. Anyone know what became of the padre, Bernard Marshall?
  16. The FMAA was in a documentary showing Ark when she was part screapped,poor old sod was crying his eyes out.(Dont blame him either)
  17. Tom Wilkinson one of the best reggies ever :)
  18. Hi i like the bbc siries in 1997 of HMS Splendid. I have it on dvd and gonna buy Sailor
  19. Bernard Marshall carried on for a full career in the RN and was unfortunate not to get made Chaplain of the Fleet. He christened me aboard HMS Intrepid. He retired to a parish near Newbury and combined his job there with being the official chaplain to the race course! Those of you that knew Bernard would appreciate that this was a job he was made for! He continued to play cricket too. Sadly Bernard passed away a couple of years ago from cancer
  20. I believe an SD officer called Tony Smart made a few appearances in this documentary - anyone know what happened to him ?

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