Sailing in Mallorca - Crew Wanted

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Good_CO, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. I'm doing a sailing trip to Mallorca in the last week of Sep, first week in Oct and am looking for crew, having been let down by some "great idea, I'm in"s and having a load of mates who now have kids, serious jobs and can't do these things at the drop of a hat any more!

    It's a 43 foot sailing boat from Palma de Mallorca and the intention is to go either round Mallorca or round Minorca depending on weather and what's decided at the start of each week. The second week is almost full (of Germans!), but there are still 6 places on the first out of the 8 needed. It's about 60 / 40 men to women at the moment.

    It would be a great shame to cancel the first week and I'm sure there are people out there who would love to go - and if not you reading this, maybe you can think of someone who would be and send them a link to this post.

    It's a 'friends' trip and the cost is shared equally - £188 per person per week based on 8. No crew to pay for and very little expense after that as food and beer will be bought in the supermarket before we go.

    I won't waffle on here - email me at [email protected] if you're interested and I can describe who else is going, exact dates, times etc. I've done the same trip twice before and both were excellent and I'm sure this will be the same, obviously depending on the weather.

    Oh, finally, no experience or kit needed. Willingness to get stuck in good though!
    Please don't send me PMs - sometimes they'll be in my inbox for weeks! [email protected] and you'll get a decent quick repsonse.
  2. I have sent you an e-mail, as i am keen to know more!!
  3. Thanks and this is a shameless bump!
  4. Damn wish i had seen this earlier! I have my competent crew and have taken various navigation exams. Sailed with the Royal Marines for 5 years... but hey ho not enough notice, my fault however ... next time perhaps! That said I will pass it on, on a different site. :)
  5. Thanks for the "passing on" anyway. A couple of places still free from 23 to 30 Sep. Have two from ARRSE going. A Rum Ration rep would be good, although I did once here a comment about the the three worst things to have on a boat. Can't remember 3 and 2, but one was definitely a naval officer.
  6. hello!
    i just came across your post. i will be heading to mallorca come september with the intention of finding a crew to join for a sailing trip. your post sounds great and im interested in joining up. im from canada but currently living and working in endinburgh, scotland. would greatly apppreciate some more info.
    look forward to hearing from you
  7. Ermm,

    NB the date/time of the previous post <<08-09-06 13:02>>

    Saying no more.
  8. I'm currently organising a trip if you're interested, we plan to take a leisurely cruise up and down the coast of Somalia, no sailing experience is necessary but ability to fire an RPG is recommended. Also if you know of any decent taxidermists who could come along at short notice and mount a few 'trophies' it would really help.
  9. I'm in.....
  10. You can **** off with that idea as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm fuckin black, if I get caught in a boat off the Somalian coast armed, what the **** do you think I will be doing for the next ten years?
    Yes exactly,.....fuckin hard labour.

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