Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident'


I spotted this in todays (Sun 12th March) Mail on Sunday.

"One of the Royal Navy's destroyers, 5,000 tons of technology, electronics and armaments, recently had her sailing delayed because of a 'Lesbian Incident' whatever that might be"

If theres any truth in it, what on earth happened there then !!


Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

clanky said:
Got a link?

Sorry no, it's just a small piece on page 31, the columnist didn't know any more details either.

Pictures......blimey if they are like the lesbians I saw when I was serving then you wouldn't want to look !!!


War Hero
Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

The link is one rampant rabbit and several fast tongues and fingers ;-)


Book Reviewer
Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

It'll be the Mens fault :roll:


Lantern Swinger
Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

Is this another case of kiss and tell?


Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

yeah because there are no brown hatters in the navy are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

It was an alleged indecent assault, being investigated. Move on, nothing to see here.


War Hero
Re: Sailing delayed because of a 'lesbian incident&#039

Maybe they couldnt find one tough enough to suck start the Turbines?
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