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Sail World: "Night Drama As Two Dutch Sailors Rescued By British Royal Navy"


War Hero
Thanks for that Sol, am in Amsterdam at the moment, wonder if I'll get lashed up to a pint tonight. Very much doubt it have wife and daughter in tow....:laughing2:


War Hero
Having moved on to Maastricht, its been belting down with rain for the past three days, Reputed to be 5metres below sea level. If it doesn't stop raining soon 771 will have a rather long diversion. Come to that I did see two Cloggy Seakings tracking north yesterday, sadly we were travelling south. Sods Law


War Hero
Nice to see the memory of Billy Deacon recognised for what Billy was good at. Risking all to save others.

For those that don't or didn't know, Billy Deacon started his RN career as a seaman, changing branches to Aircrewman qualifying as a Search and Rescue Diver. Billy died working for Bristows helicopters in the North Sea during a very dangerous rescue. Proud to say he was a friend.
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