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I'm a South African, about to join the Royal Navy.

Was just wondering, are there a lot of Saffa matelots, or will I be very much in the minority? Going in as a clearance diver.

What's the general impression of us? Chance-taking journeymen, or valuable contributors? Heard of alot of us scum in the Army (Paras mainly) and they seem to be gelling fine. I won't be put off either way, looking to make the most of an awesome opportunity, but am just curious...

There's quite a few south africans about in the RN. From my experience in the mob it doesn't really matter if you're black, white, boy, girl, straight, gay, rich, poor or anything else. If you can get on with people and work hard you'll have no problems.
Good to know there are at least a few other Saffa's, and what I'm doing isn't completely unprecedented. Anyone know of the Diving Branch in particular? I'm sure alot od SA Navy divers have left in the past few years, and wonder if they were able to transfer to the RN.
I've posted this in The Fleet section too, so gonna stop this thread in Newbies and carry on with it there. Thanks for the input.

Edit: Never mind it's been moved to here anyway. Use other thread.

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